My Fave Summer Pillows

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Jillian Harris Summer Pillows

Happy Monday!!! Today it’s all PILLOW TALK. Literally. LOL. When Justin and I moved into our new home, I put all of the throw pillows that I owned into a clear plastic bag and put them in our spare room and I didn’t realize JUST how many I had until one day Justin started calling our spare room “The Strange …

A Week In My Closet

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Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Well goooood morning and HAPPY FREAKIN SATURDAY! It’s time for another week in my closet! But FIRST … my ohhh my, what a crazy busy week this has been (I feel like I say this every time but it’s VERY TRUE! Lol!!). This week started off with Justin, Leo, Cassandra, Kaitlyn and I heading to San Francisco for an amazing …

Jillian and Justin: Premiering Tonight!

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Jillian Harris Jillian and Justin Docuseries

OMG you guys … I CAN’T believe that Jillian & Justin is FINALLY premiering TONIGHT!!! Our life has been documented for the last year now and it’s really hard to believe that we are really going to share so many candid moments with EVERYONE!! I have ALL the feels about this … from excitedness to nervousness to literally wanting to …