13 Ways to Make Mother Earth Proud

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We have someone VERY special to celebrate tomorrow, you all know her, she’s HUGE, she get’s around, she can be moody at times but she’s downright amazing and oh SO BEAUTIFUL … do you know who I’m talking about?! That’s right, good ‘ol Mother Earth!!

It’s a day where we take some time to recognize and APPRECIATE our planet but I have a burning question here … why is Earth Day limited to only ONE day?! We should be doing simple things EVERY day to help out Mother Earth, it’s OUR home after all. So I decided to come up with a list of ways we can take care of our lovely planet, one step at a time! So, in no particular order and without further ado, here they are!

Jillian Harris - Earth Day-2Jillian Harris - Earth Day-1Jillian Harris - Earth Day-7 1. Say no to bags: Grocery bags that is … lol!! Bring reusable bags when grocery shopping, not only will it save you a bit of money but you’re also doing your part to reduce your collection of those damn plastic bags!!

2. Pack your own water bottle: They’re a fashion statement don’t you know?! They complete the whole “Athleisure” ensemble. Oh! And, this goes for coffee mugs too – paper cups are so last year.

3. Shut the lights off and shower together: Then wait 9 months for baby to arrive … Lol

4. Think twice before you flush: If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.

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5. Switch up your diet: Skip the beef. Try tofu, grilled avocado, or a sustainable local fish option instead … or, better yet, try going plant-based even if it’s just for one day a week!! Also, find a local egg farmer and ditch the factory eggs!!

6. Shop local and in season: Nature’s Fare is my local fave for produce! Or, plant your OWN garden, there’s just something about getting all hot and heavy in the dirt … what? It get’s hot here in the Okanagan and shovels are heavy, ok?

7. Don’t just stop and smell the flowers, plant them too: Planting flowers not only makes your space look beautiful but you’ll also help the bees by spreading some seeds … lol … get your mind out of the gutter already.

8. Cut the D: That’s D as in dairy, cut it out, get rid of it … try almond milk as a replacement and give Earth Balance butter a try!

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9. Save the bats: Yes, you read that right, bats are important too!! Did you know that they eat mosquitoes?? I rest my case.

10. Deals aren’t ALWAYS a good thing: Instead of always looking for a ‘good deal’ try to think about QUALITY vs QUANTITY and consider how often your ‘old clothes’ hit the landfill. AND, if you feel the need to clean out your closet, donate your old clothes to a consignment store! Buying consignment clothes for babies and children is a great idea considering how quickly they grow out of them! That reminds me,  there’s an amazing company that upcycles old clothes to make new baby clothes, they’re called Nudnik!! Some of you may have seen my Instagram story of Leo in a pair of their pants the other week. Anyways, I think this is SUCH a great concept!

11. Never stop learning: You know that saying “You learn something new every day”? Well, it’s true, we are constantly learning and growing so expand your wealth of knowledge and challenge yourself to watch a documentary or a read a new book!

12. Power down the technology: Set aside one day a week or a certain block of time on the weekend that you shut off all devices … phone, computer, TV (are you panicking yet?! lol) … and just chill like the good old days.

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And last but CERTAINLY not least …

13. Be nice: Yup. That’s it, that’s all just be nice. Nice to our planet, nice to animals, nice to your family and friends. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all … (thanks, Thumper!) …

What are some of your favourite things to do to show your gratitude for our lovely Mother Earth?? Make sure to share your ideas below!




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  • This is a great post! Spread the word ❤️

  • Brittany  • 

    Love this list! And please keep up with the blog, I’m a nursing mother of a 5 month old so I read your blog every night during those 2 am feedings! Haha love everything you do, keep being awesome Jilly!!

  • Veronica  • 

    Jill, thank you for being such a beautiful and brave human being! Thank you for making it your mission to inspire and help everyone around you. I really admire you and respect you for it.
    “Let the dogs bark.. It’s a sign that we are on track.” -Man of La Mancha

  • I have been more conscious of how much waste I produce. I tried to take a look at a few of the things I was using the most of and discover ways to avoid creating trash from it. My number 1 thing was alternative milk (almond, coconut, etc). I have started making my own! I’ve done almond and hemp and it’s so fun and so easy!
    Another way is to buy in bulk, and bring your own bags (I have Small muslin bags of varying sizes). I try to buy everything I could buy in packaging, in bulk, if able. That includes so many things! Nuts, grains, beans, seeds, etc!!
    I also use similar small muslin or other reusable small bags for all my produce instead of wasting the plastic bag!!
    Earth day should be EVERYDAY!

  • Nancy Dembinski  • 

    All great advice Jillian. ESPECIALLY number 13. Pick yourself up sweetie, dust yourself off, and work your butt off. It’s what you do, it’s what you love. And I for one love watching your wee family grow and appreciate that you share so much with us. Haters gonna hate babe…let it roll. They are not worth your time and no one needs that negativity in their life or world.

    Looking forward to Leo, Justin and new home updates soon. 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦

  • zest nutrition  • 

    Love this post. Happy Earth Day !

  • Dear Jillian
    I was very sad to see you upset a few days ago. I’m going to share what my brother told me once.
    “The more you love yourself, the less you are like anyone else, and that my dear makes you unique ”
    I think you are an amazing woman please don’t let ignorant people upset you xoxox from Maryland.

  • Great reminders and ideas!

  • Sondrea  • 

    Great list!! It’s true when I see someone with a plastic water bottle I think, really?!? I love my Swell ❤️