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Todays blog isn’t about some recipe, an outfit, baby advice or home design. Todays blog, is about the person who makes this ‘blog’ and frankly, me, successful. Normally, I would send a card, or a text, or pick up the phone, but since this person pours her HEART and soul into THIS site, I figured THIS was the best place …

Diaper Bag Essentials

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As I was cautioned many times in the past … once you have a child, your needs take the back burner and it becomes all about the baby! Well, isn’t that the truth (for the most part, anyway lol)!! Which is why instead of sharing my ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ today, I’m going to be sharing my diaper bag essentials and all of …

Tips for Camping With A Newborn

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Just because summer is coming to an end…that doesn’t mean camping is over with until next year!!! Well, I don’t think so anyway!! My favourite time to go camping is actually in September and October, when the leaves are changing colour and the morning air is crisp! All you need is to do is bring warmer clothes to layer up …

Favourite Fall Throw Pillows

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September has arrived and as sad as I am to see summer leave us…I am also very excited because with a new season comes a new look!  Ofcourse fashion is on my mind (especially with New York Fashion Week right around the corner!!!) but today I’m talking home decor! I’m all about changing up the look of my home without having …

5 Tips To Get Baby To Sleep

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Before Leo was born, I did a lot of research on how to get the baby to sleep. I was a little nervous about how much sleep I was going to get and I didn’t want to be so exhausted that I couldn’t enjoy his newborn days. I needed a couple (or a couple hundred) tricks up my sleeve incase …

Hospital Bag Do’s & Don’ts

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Another topic I was planning to blog about before Leo decided to make his debut, was what to pack in the bag that I was bringing to the hospital. I had heard so many suggestions from friends and family as well as some of you on Facebook and Instagram but I needed to do some research of my own!! Justin and I …

Nordstrom Sale Gift Guide

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Gifts can really add up throughout the year, which is why I always try to save money and stock up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. When a sale this big comes along, you MUST take advantage of it!! Which is why today’s post is all about GIFTS!!!  I love giving gifts but what I don’t love is frantically shopping around literally hours before a …

A Week In My Closet

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A week in Jillian Harris closet

Happy weekend everyone!!! This week has had some serious highs and some serious lows. I don’t even know how I can begin to describe the warmth in my heart after being completely immersed in love and happiness at my baby shower this past Wednesday. I don’t know if I have ever felt so much love in one place and time and …

Love It Or List It Vacation Homes: Greg & Katherine

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Greg and Katherine were seduced by the gorgeous waterfront views when they bought their vacation home in Collingwood, Ontario; only to realize later on how inefficient the space actually was. This cottage started off quite small and had not one….not two..but THREE additions to it over the years, creating some sort of layout disaster!  I don’t blame them for wanting to …