• Aug 02

    Food Friday: A Little Taste of Cherry Goodness

    August 2, 2013 • 11:30 am

    So no... I'm NOT pregnant, but I can't seem to satisfy my cherry craving!! It's gotta be all the delicious BC Tree Fruit summer cherries from the best place on earth... the Okanagan! The long weekend is almost here & I thought I would share my easy popsicle cherry recipe to help you cool off after a full day of FUN! 

    Makes 6 Cherry Popsicles 


    3 cups of pitted BC Tree Fruit cherries

    1/2 cup of white sugar

    5 drips of almond extract (pure)

    3/4 cup of whipping cream 


    In a saucepan simmer cherries & sugar on medium heat until syrupy & reduce

    Add almond extract

    With a hand mixer purée cherries until chunky

    Let cool & add cream 

    Pour into popsicle mould, freeze until firm & ENJOY!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmy 

    xo Jilly 


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