• Jan 08

    Poppy Barley Boot Lovin!

    January 8, 2014 • 10:00 am

    It’s really no secret that I LOVE shoes…particularly boots! Soo, a while back I was chatting with one of my girlfriends and she mentioned, Poppy Barley, a brand new made-to-wear boot & shoe company that she had just discovered. Well, as soon as she mentioned it, I just KNEW that I had to check it out for myself – seriously, a new shoe find AND ones that you can design to fit you perfectly? Ummm YES PLEASE!!

    I took a peek at their website…and kind of developed a shoe crush! I ended up meeting with the ladies of Poppy Barley and saw all their shoes in person. SOLD!! I went home and started designing my very own pair online and got to pick the boot style, choose the colours and use my exact measurements…seriously, I was like a kid in a candy shop! (Or, a girl in a shoe shop – literally LOL) Pretty much reliving my love of design in the form of a fashion designer PLUS I got a kick out of getting the good ol’ tape measure out to measure my feet… almost 9 inches, baby!!!!

    When they showed up right on my doorstop, they were EXACTLY what I wanted…the perfect caramel-coloured flat boots with studded embellishments. GORGEOUS!! And, they fit me like a glove… (or, like a shoe….?) For their inaugural walk, I paired them with an oversized cozy knit and my comfiest denim - a perfect outfit for these grey Vancouver days! I’ve also dressed my boots up with a cute skirt and boho-esque top. Sooo pretty much my ideal boot to wear with any and EVERY outfit! LOVE!!!  

    Sooo if you’re as obsessed with shoes as I am (which may be a hard thing to achieve), check out Poppy Barley for some serious shoe inspiration! Can’t lie… it’s a little addictive and I’m already excited to design my next pair!

    Happy Designing & Measuring ;)

    xoxo Jilly


    OH!! And have I also mentioned that I kind of fell in love with my boots a little bit more when I realized that they were ethically made? Win-Win.


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