Maui Recap: Travelling with Leo

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Back in November, we went our VERY FIRST family vacation and since then many of you have been asking what it was like to travel with Leo, along with what I learned from our first trip together and what I brought with us and today I’m going to share some of this insight with you, in hopes that I can …

The Work Pump Balance

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I promised myself when I got pregnant (knowing I would only have a few months off at best) that I wouldn’t force anything post baby and would do whatever made our life easier. I wanted to mitigate stress and didn’t want unnecessary mom guilt.  That meant breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. Whatever happened happened. But when Leo was born there was …

A Week In My Closet

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Holy moly!!!! I can’t believe Leo’s 1st Halloween has already come and gone! However, I think this lil family of ours nailed our costumes this year … not only was Leo a little (but oh-so ferocious) Lion but can we just take a moment to really admire Dorothy, AKA Nacho … What. A. Trooper!!!! With Canadian Thanksgiving (American upon us) and Halloween behind …

Sweater Weather

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I can’t tell you enough how much I am LOVING spending time with my little family this fall. It’s almost like nothing else matters anymore … almost. We are creating so many great memories and having so many laughs. It really is crazy how your entire world and outlook on life changes as soon as a little one pops in …

Leo’s First Halloween

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Since it’s Leo’s first Halloween I have been adamant since day one that I wanted him to be a lion. I was originally going to be Dorothy but then I found a dog costume for Nacho instead and it fit him perfectly! I of course procrastinated and I couldn’t find a lion costume for Leo that fit him properly … …

A Week In My Closet

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Here we go again, another week has FLOWN by … where is the time going?!?! Next week is already November … and then before we know it, Christmas will be here!! Lol … ok, I’m getting ahead of myself!! Let’s stay in the moment and dive into my closet!! This week I’ve been LOVING yellow!!! Whether it’s mustard yellow (one …

Fall Favs for Leo

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Fall is one of my FAVOURITE times of year to shop. Nothing beats cozy sweaters and leggings … especially if you’re a new mama like me. BUT that also goes for Leo … I am DYING over how cute all of the baby items are this season. I mean the summer items were cute too … but the cable knit …

What’s Inside My Grocery Bag

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For those of you that are always asking about where I grocery shop and WHAT  is in my grocery bag, look no further. I have been shopping exclusively at Nature’s Fare Markets for almost a year now. It makes my grocery shopping made easy for me since they do the research for you and I no longer need to look at …

Baby Gadget Must Haves

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This blog should technically be written by Justin as he is the tech guru in our family (and I MAY or may not have asked him for his help with this round up lol). As soon as we found out we were pregnant one of the first things he did was started researching about the top of the line gadgets …

Diaper Bag Essentials

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As I was cautioned many times in the past … once you have a child, your needs take the back burner and it becomes all about the baby! Well, isn’t that the truth (for the most part, anyway lol)!! Which is why instead of sharing my ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ today, I’m going to be sharing my diaper bag essentials and all of …

Tips for Camping With A Newborn

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Just because summer is coming to an end…that doesn’t mean camping is over with until next year!!! Well, I don’t think so anyway!! My favourite time to go camping is actually in September and October, when the leaves are changing colour and the morning air is crisp! All you need is to do is bring warmer clothes to layer up …

5 Tips To Get Baby To Sleep

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Before Leo was born, I did a lot of research on how to get the baby to sleep. I was a little nervous about how much sleep I was going to get and I didn’t want to be so exhausted that I couldn’t enjoy his newborn days. I needed a couple (or a couple hundred) tricks up my sleeve incase …

Hospital Bag Do’s & Don’ts

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Another topic I was planning to blog about before Leo decided to make his debut, was what to pack in the bag that I was bringing to the hospital. I had heard so many suggestions from friends and family as well as some of you on Facebook and Instagram but I needed to do some research of my own!! Justin and I …

Nordstrom Sale Gift Guide

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Gifts can really add up throughout the year, which is why I always try to save money and stock up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. When a sale this big comes along, you MUST take advantage of it!! Which is why today’s post is all about GIFTS!!!  I love giving gifts but what I don’t love is frantically shopping around literally hours before a …