3 Reasons Why I Love Hair Accessories

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Jillian Harris Hair Accessories

Happy MONDAY loves! Yup … Monday … le sigh. It’s days like these that call for extra coffee and hair accessories. Did you just look at your computer like “WTF is she talking about now?! Hair Accessories?!” LOL!! Yup. I’m talking about bow hair ties, scrunchies (yup, these 80’s babies are BACK in style), headwraps, etc. I’ll be the first to …

Rose Honey Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

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Jillian Harris and Erin Sousa DIY Rose Honey Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Hi loves!! If your lips are anything like mine, they tend to go through the motions with the seasons and lately I’ve been struggling with them being so freakin dry!! So in hopes to get these babies back to baby bottom smooth, I reached out to DIY all-star, Erin Sousa (founder of Sparkle Media), to share her exfoliating and soothing DIY …

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: On Now!

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Jillian Harris Norstrom Half Yearly Sale Favourites

MORNING!!! I’m jacked up on coffee and frantically cruising Nordstrom today because their Half Yearly Sale has officially started and it’s jam packed with great deals and amazing items … ladies, this is basically like Christmas in May. Can you tell I’m excited?? Lol. You can save up to 40% from now until June 4th on clothing, shoes, accessories, and MORE! …

28 Days to a New Glow

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Jillian Harris Lancome

Morning loves!! I hope you’re waking up refreshed and glowing this morning! And if you’re not, I have a little trick up my sleeve that might just help with that! It’s called breakfast in bed and a strong mimosa. Lol! Just kidding!! The team and I have been trying out Lancome’s new 2 in 1, 28-day Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel …

Dry Skin Is No Joke

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Jillian Harris and Avalon Organics

Morning loves!! Today is part three of my Avalon Organics testing. If you haven’t caught one and two yet then you’ve got a little catching up to do, not to worry though, you can go back and check them out! To catch everyone up on this, a few month’s back Avalon Organics reached out to me and asked if I …

Fresh Skin in 6 Easy Steps

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Jillians Harris - Spring Skin - Sephora-1

Is it just me or am I the only one who’s skin drastically changes depending on the season and the weather!?!? This winter could not come to an end soon enough for my skin … I am SO happy to see the sun shining and the cherry blossoms on the trees. Spring and summer skin is on the horizon and …

Argan Oil for the Win

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Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics Argan Oil

Morning loves!! I hope you’re having a great week so far … it’s been a LITTLE hectic for us with the move in FULL effect … I have to admit it’s feeling a little weird … but exciting at the same time! With all of the chaos happening around us I’ve found that having a shower or a hot bath at the …

Healthy Skin Is Always In

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Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics-5

Spring is ALL about that spring cleaning, the home, our closets, the garage … especially this year considering we are in the process of moving!!! Eeeepp!! Even though I’m beyond excited to move into our new home, the to-do list is mildly overwhelming right now (and that’s an understatement!!) … lol!! We all know that when you feel stress in your …

How to Fuel your Morning Routine

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Jillian Harris - Pantene-8

Morning loves!! Yesterday I was doing a little check in with myself and I started thinking back to the goals that I had set for myself in January, one of them was to take more “Me Time” and while my schedule is a little hectic at times and while I’m not 100% there in hitting this goal every day I …

Top 5 ways To Refresh In The New Year!

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I’m always looking for new ways to make myself feel better inside and out but I’ve found the harder I looked for new and reinvented ideas the more obvious it became that feeling refreshed and energized can be achieved through SIMPLE daily habits. I think sometimes we overwhelm ourselves by wanting to look and feel good NOW rather than realizing …

4 Steps To The Perfect Brows

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I have come to realize that brows aren’t easy to do yourself and are much more intricate than most people think. They are more of an art than the rest of your makeup routine and can either RUIN the rest of your make up or accentuate it. As much as I THINK I can do them without my makeup artist Kaitlin … …

Shades Of Summer

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Pretty & Pink

The shades of summer are popping up here there and everywhere … pinks, corals, peaches and magentas!!! I love them all and I couldn’t be more happy!!! Now is the perfect time to take full advantage of incorporating these fun and bright colours into your home decor, clothing, makeup and with fresh flowers around your home. I have rounded up for …

Smells Like Summer

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Jillian-Harris-Fave-Floral-Scents-Replica-by-Maison-Martin-Margiella (1)

This weather has been AMAZING lately and all the fresh blooms in my garden inspired me to try out some new fragrances. I have to say, I am a bit obsessive when it comes to scents and fragrances. I believe there is a fragrance for every mood and with summer basically here I felt I could use a fresh new …

5 Steps To Summer Prep

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Ahhhhh my favourite season is finally in the air … SUMMER!!!! Now that it’s May, the rush to prep for summer is upon us!! That means there’s only a few months before it’s full on bikini season and time to feel good and look good from the inside out. BEFORE I was pregnant I would do the same thing to prep every year … …

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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You guys, a very special day is around the corner…. Mother’s Day!!! This year has me feeling a little extra special with our very own little babe growing inside me. I don’t know if I’m actually supposed to celebrate yet though!?!? … Can I??? I mean, I guess I’m not TECHNICALLY a mom yet, but knowing it’s Mother’s Day has me feeling all maternal and excited …