Healthy Skin Is Always In

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Spring is ALL about that spring cleaning, the home, our closets, the garage … especially this year considering we are in the process of moving!!! Eeeepp!! Even though I’m beyond excited to move into our new home, the to-do list is mildly overwhelming right now (and that’s an understatement!!) … lol!! We all know that when you feel stress in your …

Top 5 ways To Refresh In The New Year!

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I’m always looking for new ways to make myself feel better inside and out but I’ve found the harder I looked for new and reinvented ideas the more obvious it became that feeling refreshed and energized can be achieved through SIMPLE daily habits. I think sometimes we overwhelm ourselves by wanting to look and feel good NOW rather than realizing …

Spring Skin Must Haves

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Winter is behind us and with it, the dry flakey skin. Having fresh, soft, healthy skin ALL over the body (not just the face) is important to me. During the changing of the seasons is the most important time to take care of it. Coming into spring the weather is getting nicer and the clothing a little bit more revealing. …

Colour Correcting 101

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I never realized or understood the importance of colour correcting until I met my makeup artist Kaitlin Hargreaves. On set, she’s constantly correcting my under eye circles when the call time is EARLY or I’m just tired and not looking my best. Not to mention my red marks and blemishes when my skin isn’t perfectly clear. There are SO many ways …

Beauty Gifts At Shoppers Drug Mart

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Christmas is just around the corner and gift shopping is now upon us. Shopping for “her” or for the “girl that has everything” is difficult … even for me!!! Makeup and beauty products in particular are the biggest challenge of all.  Shoppers Drug Mart’s Quo Cosmetics holiday collection has gorgeous pink and gold packaging with lace overlays this year. They have made …

Day 6 Giveaway: Project Skin MD

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On the SIXTH Day of Christmas…the ever so lovely elves from Project Skin MD are gifting to yooooouuu…a Holiday Glam Package including….NEW Clarisonic pedi AND the AMAZING SkinCeuticals–  Resveratrol and CE Ferulic!!!! For some of you, this might sound like a foreign language, but listen up!!! I use SkinCeuticals EVERY DAY…the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic is for morning use. And the SkinCeuticals Resveratrol …

Day 4 Giveaway: Eco Diva Beauty

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On the FOURTH day of Christmas…the wonderful little elves from Eco Diva Beauty are gifting to THREE of you (it get’s better every day!!!) a Tropical Getaway Gift Set!!! The gift set includes Vitamin C Body Oil, Vitamin C Body Polish, Vitamin B Cleansing Oil and a $25 Eco Diva Gift Card. A pineapple powered trio featuring Elizabeth Dehn’s best-selling, …

Beauty Through Balance

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Today I’m letting you all in on a little beauty secret of mine!!! I LOVE LOVE using scrubs…believe it or not I use them at least 3 times a week!!! I love to use them for many reasons – it exfoliates your skin, it helps blood flow and also the vigorous rubbing is supposed to be great to reduce or …

Perfume Obsession

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Scent is very important to me…and I’m known to collection quite a few at a time! Today I’m sharing just a few of my favourite perfume staples…and FYI…a lot of these are my FOREVER scents!!!! 1. Saks Fifth Avenue Bond No. 9 New York For Her – This eau de parfum is a chic, contemporary scent with notes of sparkling jasmine, vetiver and …

Sun Damage Tips with Project Skin MD

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If you know me, you know I ADORE the sun, and I basically LIVE in it when I’m home in Kelowna! Every time I step into the beautiful Project Skin MD South Granville location, I immediately feel rejuvinated and in good hands!!! I recently paid a visit to their Sun Event to learn more about sun damage and what I could do to reverse …

The Skinny On My Skin Care

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“Beauty is only skin deep” I know we’ve all heard the saying and although thatkind of beauty may only be skin deep, I still think it’s so, so important to care for your skin!! I often have people ask me what my skincare routine is and, trust me, I know that there are a TON of products out there that you …