5 Must Try Easter Cocktails

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Good morning and Happy (almost) Easter! I’ve been doing some Pinterest cruising for some fun Easter cocktails and I wasn’t at all disappointed at what I came across! These drinks are so adorable that I just HAVE to share them with you! As I went through the ingredients of these drinks I noticed that some of them call for half …

The Perfect New Years Cocktail

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Morning loves!!! Yesterday I shared with you simple (and budget friendly) ways to decorate your home for New Years … and today (as promised) I would love to share with you some sure-fire crowd pleasing cocktail recipes … because let’s face it … you can’t have a rockin New Years party without some adult beverages!!! What would a New Years Eve …

Grapefruit Jalapeño Margaritas

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Hola!!!! I am Mexico bound today with the people I love the most to celebrate my best friends WEDDING!!! I couldn’t be more excited …. SOOOO without further adieu I am sharing with you my FAVORITE Mexican cocktail … Grapefruit Jalapeño Margaritas … with a hint of my secret ingredient!!! They are refreshing, spicy, citrusy bursts of Mexico right in …

Margaritas Arándano

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Arrrrrriba!!!! The time you’ve all been waiting for…the unveiling of the delicious Cranberry Margarita recipe!!!! AND just in time for the weekend!!! Everything in moderation right…..??? Now that it’s the New Year and I’m gung ho on my health kick…I’m STILL hosting “winter” get togethers. SO…I created this recipe with my health and calories in mind but something that’s also enjoyable …

Food Friday: Chocolate Caliente

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As promised last week…I am sharing with you my very own recipe for Chocolate Caliente. This creation is PERFECT for the holidays when you’re spending time relaxing with family and friends. It will warm you up from the inside out. It doesn’t get much better than this!!! Pssst…the secret ingredient…Casamigos Tequila!!!  Warning you…this may blow your socks off!!! Ingredients: 3 tbs of …

Pink Peppermint

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HO HO HO Happy Saturday….and Happy Holidays!!! It’s the season of cheer and spending time inside with friends and family!! I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend….and these drinks will make it THAT much better!!! Anything that’s the colour pink and rimmed with crushed peppermint can instantly make me smile!!!! Who doesn’t like pink candy canes!?!? …