Bachelor Canada: My First Impressions

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Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada Recap

Hey everyone!! Welp, The Bachelor is fired back up again but this time we have The Bachelor CANADA on our hands! As you know, after each Bachelor and Bachelorette episode we like to share a little recap with you here the next day … now, I’m not sure if you read My Bachelor In Paradise Secret blog or not but …

What We’re Grateful For this Thanksgiving

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Jillian Harris What I'm Grateful For

Good morning loves! If you caught my Instagram stories yesterday, you’ll know that I’m preparing a big VEGAN Thanksgiving dinner at our place tonight … I’m a little nervous and a tad bit overwhelmed but mostly excited that my family is willing to give this a try and THANKFUL for my cousins who are going to help me prepare it!! …

Happy Birthday Shay Shay!

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If you watch my Instagram stories, or follow closely here… you’ll notice a blonde hair, long-legged beauty from time to time.  That’s Shay. About 4 years ago, I was looking for someone to help me with the blog and I ended up getting so much more and hitting the “employee” lottery. (Thank you, Cam!) Shay, you already know you are …

Team Jilly’s 30 Day Hawaiian Weekend

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Jillian Harris Honolulu Hawaii Recap

Aloha loves! As most of you would have figured out by watching my Instagram stories last week, myself and Team Jilly were all in Hawaii, while we were only there for 3 days, ultimately it felt like 30!! This isn’t because there were seven of us sharing two bathrooms lol but because we knew we were only there for such a …

The Bachelor in Paradise Finale

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Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Recap

Hi everyone! Mindy here! If you’re wondering who the heck I am, make sure to go back to the previous Bachelor in Paradise blog and it will all make sense! Lol. First off, apologies for the late Bachelor in Paradise recap blog, we just got back from Hawaii yesterday afternoon and we didn’t get a chance to watch the finale …

Ask Jilly: Episode 2

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Ask Jilly Episode 2

Good morning loves!! I’m so excited because today I get to share our SECOND episode of Ask Jilly with you!! Eeeepp!! We had SUCH a great response from our first vlog that we knew we had to keep these rolling!! In addition to the great comments, we also received LOTS of amazing feedback from you … construction criticism … if you …

My Bachelor In Paradise Secret

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My Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Hi loves!! I’m not sure how many of you tuned into Kaitlyn’s Off the Vine podcast yesterday (if you missed it, give it a listen here!) … we shared a bottle of wine, exchanged stories, did a little gossiping, laughed our asses off … AND … I dished a secret about Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise!! Nope, it’s not about who ends …

Little Leaders Series: Tate Barton

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Little Leader

I have a little something new for you and it’s something I want to do on a monthly basis going forward because I feel as though it’s important to shed some light on the little shining stars in our communities. It could be a combination of everything going on in this world, and me being a mom but lately, when …

Leo’s Sleep Training

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Jillian Harris Leos Sleep Training

I know MANY of you have been asking for tips, tricks, and advice on sleep training and what my experience was with sleep training Leo, so I wanted to give you a little insight on our journey!!! Oh, and if you make it all the way to the END of this blog … there might just be an amazing giveaway …

Who is Justin Pasutto?

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Jillian Harris - Who is Justin Pasutto

Hi everyone!! Today is the VERY first day where Justin is taking over my blog!! The plan is to test this out to see if you guys are interested in what he has to say … LOL … pressure is on babe!! Just kidding!! We thought it would be a fun twist here, many of you have questions for Justin’s …