Maui Recap: Travelling with Leo

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Back in November, we went our VERY FIRST family vacation and since then many of you have been asking what it was like to travel with Leo, along with what I learned from our first trip together and what I brought with us and today I’m going to share some of this insight with you, in hopes that I can …

How to Choose Your Next Neighbourhood

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Morning loves!!! I’ve got a little hump day treat for you … TODD Talbot is taking over the blog today to offer up some advice on how to choose your next neighborhood as part of our mini Real Estate Series!!! Over the last couple of months Todd has given us some awesome insight on first time home buying and points on WHY …

Guess Who’s Back?! It’s Not Just Nick!

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If you watched last night’s episode you’ll know that the Backstreet Boys weren’t the ONLY thing that was back!!!! You guessed it, Corinne’s crazy antics were back too!!!! LOL!!! But for real … who else felt like they jumped on a time machine and was shot back to the 90’s as soon as the Backstreet Boys made their appearance last …

Top 5 ways To Refresh In The New Year!

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I’m always looking for new ways to make myself feel better inside and out but I’ve found the harder I looked for new and reinvented ideas the more obvious it became that feeling refreshed and energized can be achieved through SIMPLE daily habits. I think sometimes we overwhelm ourselves by wanting to look and feel good NOW rather than realizing …

Last Nights Bachelor Recap in One Word: Awkward

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That’s right!!!! If I could describe last night’s episode of The Bachelor in ONE WORD … it would be … AWKWARD!!!!!! Seriously … OMG!!!! Where do I even begin?!?! Corinne … the SLAP … Liz secretly revealing her and Nick’s skeletons RIGHT in front of the girls??? What a damn shitshow… two hours of AMAZING shitshow awkwardness!!!! Photo Credit Let’s …

Leo’s First Christmas

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Leo’s first Christmas wasn’t ANYTHING that I had expected. However … I quickly realized that sometimes the best moments are those you don’t intentionally plan for … Christmas has always been a huge part of my families life … every single year we have a specific tradition that we follow religiously. This tradition involves being at home with our ENTIRE family and …

My 2017 New Years Resolutions!

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A New Year … a new chance to kick ass and show 2017 who’s BOSS!!!! I LOVE the start of a new year, there are so many exciting (and certainly some challenging) times ahead but I always get excited about the month of January. It’s a time to look back on 2016 and reflect on what made you most happy …

The Best of 2016

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Oh my loves, can you believe 2016 is already behind us?!?! My oh my the time is flying by these days!!!! As I sit here and reflect on how much my life has changed over this past year I suddenly feel overwhelmed with gratitude and my heart could not be any more full. I want to share a handful of …

SURPRISE Happy Birthday Jilly!!!

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Today we are dedicating EVERYTHING to little miss Jilly … the boss lady behind this blog (don’t worry we’ve hacked her out so she can’t access this post), mama to Leo and Nacho, FIANCÉ, daughter, best friend, co-worker, co-host, the list really goes on. Long story short, Jilly is a master of many things. She pours her heart and soul …