Healthy Is the New Skinny

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Morning loves! I’m REALLY excited to share this blog post with you today for a couple of reasons … I get to give you an update on my “Mom Bod” and explain my “AH-HA” moment with you and secondly, I get to share my review of lululemon’s new Nulux fabric gear with you!! Eeeeeppp!! Ok, let’s get started! First off, as …

The Battle of the Mom and Dad Bod

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Have you ever heard of the term “Skinny Fat”? Lol!! I know, I know … some of you are probably thinking “Does she think she is fat?! She better not be saying she is fat!!” and the answer is NO, I don’t think I’m fat! Let me explain … When Justin and I first met he was a pro athlete …

Top 5 ways To Refresh In The New Year!

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I’m always looking for new ways to make myself feel better inside and out but I’ve found the harder I looked for new and reinvented ideas the more obvious it became that feeling refreshed and energized can be achieved through SIMPLE daily habits. I think sometimes we overwhelm ourselves by wanting to look and feel good NOW rather than realizing …

5 Of The Most Effective Movements

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My friend and fitness guru Rachel from Daily Routine Fitness has taken over the blog today. She is much more knowledgeable than me when it comes to working out and what to do. I thought what better way to share some info and tips than to have her guest blog and share her knowledge with all of us. I will …

Mother Nature Is Calling

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Hey guys, Rachel from Daily Routine Fitness here!!! Long time no blog  or talk … I have been SO busy enjoying my “time off” with my 4 month old  baby girl Adelaide … where has the time gone!?! But I guess it’s time to get back on track with working out and sharing some inspiration with you all. Starting it off …

How To Make Mondays Not Suck

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Can we all just let out a collective, ‘UGH…It’s…Monday…’? Okay, great, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better already. It’s no secret, Mondays are the worst. We can’t just hold a grudge and let the entire day go to waste though. Here’s a couple of ways to give Monday the makeover it so desperately deserves. First of all, …

The Terrible “C” Word

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Pulling your shorts or those little skirts out after a long winter can be an intimidating thing to face. The number one question I get asked as a trainer is, “How do I get rid of this cellulite?” The truth is that 90% of all woman have it, and there is no need to go beating yourself up over the …

Top 3 Summer Prep Tips

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As summer quickly approaches, I’ve pulled together a few quick, effective prep tips that will help improve your metabolism and tone up your body for summer! 1. More weights, less cardio: When the time comes to drop your winter coat, many of us immediately start thinking of the endless hours of sweat we will need to put in on the …

Focused On The Goal

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Knowing your goal clearly when it comes to working out is one of the most beneficial assets to your fitness journey in my opinion. If we don’t have a clear picture of what we want, what we are willing to sacrifice and how hard we are wiling to work to get there. The road can become very long and extremely …

Bikini Body Ready

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We can all feel it… The Holiday’s are over and it’s business time! Your bikini is staring you down as you prep for your winter get-away, and those knits turn into shorts and tank tops. Don’t panic, and please don’t start starving yourself. These quick little tips are going to help you drop that winter coat and have you feeling …

A Fresh Look on the New Year

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When we write out our New Year’s resolutions or goals for the year, we often come up with a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts.” We set our expectations high while failing to set ourselves up with a bulletproof plan to succeed in these big goals. We are a generation that loves to put limits on ourselves, establish rules around eating, …

Christmas Eve Sweat

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Christmas week has arrived, and so has the craziness of fitting in all your events and family gatherings. Completing a gym workout or any workout can seem overwhelming and next to impossible. Before you put your workout on the back burner until the New Year’s Resolutions start, give the 20-minute home workout a chance! Forget driving to the gym and …

Bowen Island Sanga Retreat Giveaway

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It’s GIVEAWAYYYY TIME ON JH.COM!!!!!!! Today I’m teaming up with Sanga Living and we’re giving away a Sanga Digital Detox & Yoga Retreat on Bowen Island … and it’s ALL INCLUSIVE!!!!!! MORE GOOD NEWS!!! All of my lovely readers will get 15% discount off any booking of the Digital Detox Retreat on Bowen Island by using the code RelaxJillian at checkout!!! Don’t worry your little hearts …

Bikini Body Tips with Daily Routine Fitness

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Pulling out that bikini for the first time this summer can be an intimidating thing for many women…and the thought of actually putting it on can make you break out in goosebumps even though it’s blazing hot outside! So my good friend Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness has put together a foolproof plan to get you ready for that bikini debut!!!! …

My Take on Fitness and Health

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Last month I chatted with SELF Magazine about relationships, design and fitness and since I’m on a health kick as I gear up for summer (and I know some of you might be too) I thought I’d share my fitness related answers with you guys here! How did you manage to stay fit and eat healthy while filming 17 hours …