Team Jilly’s 30 Day Hawaiian Weekend

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Jillian Harris Honolulu Hawaii Recap

Aloha loves! As most of you would have figured out by watching my Instagram stories last week, myself and Team Jilly were all in Hawaii, while we were only there for 3 days, ultimately it felt like 30!! This isn’t because there were seven of us sharing two bathrooms lol but because we knew we were only there for such a …

Maui Recap: Travelling with Leo

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Back in November, we went our VERY FIRST family vacation and since then many of you have been asking what it was like to travel with Leo, along with what I learned from our first trip together and what I brought with us and today I’m going to share some of this insight with you, in hopes that I can …

Leo’s First Christmas

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Leo’s first Christmas wasn’t ANYTHING that I had expected. However … I quickly realized that sometimes the best moments are those you don’t intentionally plan for … Christmas has always been a huge part of my families life … every single year we have a specific tradition that we follow religiously. This tradition involves being at home with our ENTIRE family and …

4 Things I Look For In A Vehicle

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I drive between Vancouver and Kelowna every week to film Love it Or List It Vancouver. If you don’t know where EITHER of those are, they are 4 hours apart through mountain passes and in/out of cell service in British Columbia, Canada. Having a reliable and high-quality vehicle is SO important for me to get from point A to point …

Tips for Camping With A Newborn

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Just because summer is coming to an end…that doesn’t mean camping is over with until next year!!! Well, I don’t think so anyway!! My favourite time to go camping is actually in September and October, when the leaves are changing colour and the morning air is crisp! All you need is to do is bring warmer clothes to layer up …

Half Corked Marathon Giveaway

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You guys!!! Do you remember that AMAZING wine tour I did with my cousins last year!?! I’ve linked Part 1 and Part 2 to refresh your memory. It was so amazing and I seriously can’t wait to go back after the little bean in my stomach is born. BUT, summer vacation planning has already started and I wanted to give …

Camping Must-Haves

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WAHOOOO it’s camping season!!!! We did our first family camping trip this weekend and had SO much fun! The weather was amazing and it will only get better from here. After I gave a sneak peak of our weekend, so many people had so many questions. SO I thought I would do a camping must-haves list for you to use as …

How To Do NYC In 12 Hours

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Another trip to New York down and excited for so many more to go. This trip was my third-time bringing someone with me, with a limited amount of time … and I think I have finally mastered how to see New York (the best) in 12 hours. Yes … it is possible!!!!! I have been over 20 times for work and …

Travel Diary: Maui Packing List

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I am officially off on my first vacation of the year with Justin … MAUI!!! With all of the travelling that I do I’ve decided to start a travel diary so that I can share with you all of my travel information, favourite spots, packing tips and vacation essentials. If you don’t travel often picking the RIGHT place at the …

Tofino Travel Guide

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Tofino is one of my favourite places to visit. The best part is, there’s no bad season to go!!! The waves are great year round and the town is just as amazing in the storm season as it is in the summer. Depending on what you like to do i.e.: hunker down inside with loved ones or go outside and …

10 Jet Setting Necessities

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Well incase you haven’t noticed … I travel A LOT … and while it might seem glamorous, most times, it’s not. My grandma Margie said to me the other day… Jillian, you are just like HORSESHIT, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! AHAHAHA … well sometimes after so many trips you feel like horse crap … your feet get swollen, …