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Welcome to our home renovation hub where you will find all of the important information that you need to know about home renovations and everything in between. Big or small scale projects, we will have you covered! With Justin, Leo & myself  embarking on an exciting home renovation as we speak, we wanted to create a destination for all of you that love interior design, renovations, and the home building process. We hope that this makes it as easy as possible for you to follow along with us on our journey. Even more exciting news, we will also be showcasing a few high profile renovations right here so that there is a constant flow of fresh and juicy home renovation content with a multitude of styles, products and design ideas … just for you! 

Our New Home Decor Inspo

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Jillian Harris Decor Inspiration

Good morning lovelies and HAPPY HUMP DAY!! I know many of you are beyond eager for a glimpse into our new home and while I PROMISE you’ll get that … actually, we’re aiming to do a MASSIVE photo shoot this coming September to share with you! Lol … omg … I can just hear you guys now … “September?! Are …

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