These Heels Were Made for Walkin’

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I’ve had my fair share of heels in my lifetime from stiletto’s to pumps to sling backs and the ones where you think to yourself five minutes into your night out “why the f*$k did I wear these?!” Yup. I’ve had em all. Back in the day I could tough out the most uncomfortable heels (with the help of liquid …

5 Must Try Easter Cocktails

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Good morning and Happy (almost) Easter! I’ve been doing some Pinterest cruising for some fun Easter cocktails and I wasn’t at all disappointed at what I came across! These drinks are so adorable that I just HAVE to share them with you! As I went through the ingredients of these drinks I noticed that some of them call for half …

Fresh Skin in 6 Easy Steps

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Is it just me or am I the only one who’s skin drastically changes depending on the season and the weather!?!? This winter could not come to an end soon enough for my skin … I am SO happy to see the sun shining and the cherry blossoms on the trees. Spring and summer skin is on the horizon and …

Leo’s Journey with Solid Foods

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Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids

I’ve been getting lots of questions from everyone on our experience (so far) with introducing solids into Leo’s diet and while I’ve been meaning to share this blog with you for a while now I wanted to wait it out so I could get a better feel for what was working and what wasn’t working for us! I finally feel as …