6 Ways To Warm Up Your House This Fall

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One of my favorite things about the changing of the seasons is the changing of my home decor. I try to make sure that every season feels slightly different in my home to match with the outdoors. In the spring and summer, I like everything to be bright, light and airy. In the fall and winter, I like it to be cozy, warm and homey so that we can snuggle up indoors.


1. Throw Blankets: You can NEVER have too many throw blankets. These are always one of the best ways to accessorize your home for any season and any holiday. Put them all in a belly basket, hang them on a ladder or store them on an open shelf so that they look organized but are easily accessible.


2. Candles: Even if these don’t give off heat … they give the illusion of warmth. Fill your fireplace with them if you’re not allowed to have fires and your living room will be snug as a bug. It will also leave all of your rooms smelling fresh and clean. Candle lit ambiance is known to relieve stress and anxiety after a long days work. I found this one (it’s on my Christmas wishlist) and it burns for 190 hours!!!!


3. Pillows: Just like throw blankets … you can never have too many throw pillows. I like to change mine out seasonally to tie in the rest of the decor that I’ve pulled out. This also goes into play on your bed!!! Switch out your pillows so that your bed is always suiting the season and for the next few months … I say cozy it is!! Throw pillows are so important I’ve dedicated them their own blog here (and will be doing them seasonally!!!) …


4. Textures: Bring in different textures into ALL of your rooms. Add in thick knits, mixed with plush fabrics, and faux furs. The more textures in the same tones the better!! This will also help create warmth and depth in a room.


5. Lighting: If you are looking for a quick fix in any room, I always suggest changing up your light fixtures or your light bulbs. This is a really great way to either warm up your room or cool it down depending on the season.


6. Area Rugs: This is an EASY way to add warmth to any room especially if you have hardwood throughout your home. This is also an easy way to add colour and texture to your room which will make it feel that much more comfortable.


1. Chandelier | 2. Dior Book | 3. Throw Pillow | 4. Matches | 5. Candle | 6. Antler | 7. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket | 8. Faux Fur Throw Blanket | 9. Area Rug | 10. Wire Baskets | 11. Dipped Belly Basket

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What other ways do you warm up your house for fall?? Let me know in the comments below …




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