Ask Jilly: All About Justin!

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Jillian Harris Ask Jilly All About Justin

Hi Everyone!! Today I’m sharing EPISODE 4 of ASK JILLY!! If you missed episode 3, you better make sure to watch it right after this episode because I dished some prettyyyy juicy info from my time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that you might find interesting! LOL!!

But today isn’t about my PAST love life (that’ HISTORY!!), it’s ALL about my greatest love … JUSTIN!!! That’s right, I’m letting you in on ALL of the details, from our first date to our first kiss and everything else in between! This is one episode for the books! I won’t spill much more than that … you’re going to have to hit play for the rest!!

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Before I let you go … I want you to answer a question for me … what would YOU like me to dish in EPISODE 5 of Ask Jilly?!?! Share your ideas below!!

Until next time!!



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  • Idea for the next Ask Jilly: All things travel. Where have you all been? What are the must see/do things at those places? What’s your travel bucket list that you still need to complete? Could do one of Canada and another one International.

  • Jillian! You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with your fans! I love seeing your posts! Keep it up!

  • Pregnancy recommendations! Especially, comfy underware (20 weeks here and all my undies are becoming quite uncomfortable-riding, bunching, rolling, YOU NAME IT!!), maternity/nursing bras, favorite pants (leggings, around-the-house, professional).
    Not digging my newly acquired “love handles” and I’m having a hard time finding comfy, cute clothes! 💜 There’s no one better to ask than you with your amazingly adorable style!

  • Would love to hear your advice for your 20 year old self! Also would be cool to see an interview with you and your cousins and hear how you managed to stay so connected over time 🙂

  • Michelle Taylor  • 

    Love you and your vulnerability! Thank you for sharing! Ive been married 30 years ; continue to put each other first!

  • Great episode of ask Jilly!! 💗💗

  • Marissa Herren  • 

    I love how real you guys and your love makes my heart smile.

    I would love to know how you decorate when you have a kid. I feel like I can’t have nice things lol

  • I love this so much!! I’m a person who just loves love – the good & the bad about it!! I too met my man at Roses – we’ve only been dating for two years – it’s actually our anniversary this weekend & my heart couldn’t be more full! I literately burst into tears when I saw that [happy tears-heartwarming tears] & I couldn’t help but share!! I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time & I love these little videos!! Thanks for sharing & spreading real love!

  • Alicia Bateson  • 

    The gender of baby number 2 🙂

  • Michelle  • 

    I’m actually LOLing right now because my husband is the EXACT same way in the mornings! Like who needs to measure the length of a wall at 9am before we’re off to the Zoo… not Home Depot but the zoo!! You’re not alone girl 😉 Thank you for sharing, this is my favourite one yet.