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5 Ways to Step Up Your Photography Game

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Erin SousaLife, Tutorial22 Comments

Jillian Harris and Erin Sousa Photography Tips

Morning everyone! I get A LOT of questions on the daily about photography, what camera and lens to use, what settings should be used … how to edit my photos, etc. So I turned to photography guru (and staging extraordinaire), Erin Sousa (founder of Sparkle Media) to help me answer some of your questions so today she is sharing 5 …

Rose Honey Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Erin SousaBeauty, Skin Care1 Comment

Jillian Harris and Erin Sousa DIY Rose Honey Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Hi loves!! If your lips are anything like mine, they tend to go through the motions with the seasons and lately I’ve been struggling with them being so freakin dry!! So in hopes to get these babies back to baby bottom smooth, I reached out to DIY all-star, Erin Sousa (founder of Sparkle Media), to share her exfoliating and soothing DIY …

How to Make Floral Ice Cubes

Erin SousaCocktails, Decor, DIY, Entertaining8 Comments

Jillian Harris DIY Floral Ice Cube

Morning everyone!! We have the CUTEST little DIY for you today thanks to our contributor Erin Sousa (founder of Sparkle Media)!! These little floral ice cubes that Erin created couldn’t have come at a better time … JUST before MAY LONG weekend!!!! I’ve always loved this long weekend because it means sunshine and warmer weather are on the horizon … it’s …

DIY Crystal Bottle Toppers

Erin SousaDecor, DIY, Holiday DIY3 Comments

Jillian Harris x Erin Sousa Crystal Bottle Topper DIY

Morning loves!! Guess who’s back? Back again? Sousa’s back … tell your friends!! LOL … In all seriousness though, I’m sooo excited about today’s blog because it’s another ADORABLE DIY post by the lovely Erin Sousa, Founder and Creative Director of Sparkle Media! So, I’m not going to waste any more time, Erin, the stage is YOURS!! LOL!! Hi Everyone, Erin …

How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Erin SousaLife16 Comments

Gooood morning loves!! This is one of those topics that I get asked about on a daily basis … HOW do I possibly create a cohesive and “pretty” Instagram feed with all of the craziness and business in my life. SOOO .. I have asked one of my favourite influencers, social gurus, and Instagram accounts to follow, to share her …

5 Ways to Reuse Your Candle Vessels

Erin SousaDecor, DIY5 Comments

Good morning loves!! Today on the blog I’m so excited to have Erin Sousa, Founder and Creative Director of Sparkle Media back with another awesome DIY post for you. This time it’s ALL about reusing one item that you may or may not have been gifted for Valentine’s Day, or you more than likely have in your home (or MULTIPLE of …

DIY Valentine Sugar Hearts

Erin SousaDIY7 Comments

One of my GOALS for the new year was to share more DIY’s, easy step by steps, and original beautiful content with ALL of you!!!! Today is your lucky day because one of my all time FAVOURITE people to follow is taking over the blog and will be helping make that goal a reality for me. If you don’t already, …