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The JH x MA Adorned Collection is Finally Here!

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Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection

I’m so excited to tell you that the JH x MA Adorned Collection is FINALLY here! The main purpose of the Adorned Collection is to share your personal story by designing your own custom-made necklace (each necklace is created by hand locally, in Vancouver BC!) … starting with selecting your perfect chain then building your desired look by choosing letters and …

We’re Pregnant with Baby #2!

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Jillian Harris We're Pregnant with Baby 2

We are so excited to FINALLY share with you that we are happily (and nervously! LOL!) expecting BABY #2 this OCTOBER!!! We feel so unbelievably lucky and blessed that we were able to get pregnant again. We always dreamed of having two children … maybe even three (we will see if I can convince myself again! LOL) and it was …

Little Leader Series: Cameron Redford

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Jillian Harris Little Leaders April

Hi Everyone!! As most of you know I started up the “Little Leaders” series last year to shed some light on the little shining stars in our communities and so far it’s been amazing to see the positive response come in from everyone in support of these uplifting blogs and the number of emails that we’ve received sharing stories of …

Happy Birthday Mindy!

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Today is a very special persons Birthday … if you don’t know Mindy she has been a member of Team Jilly for just over a year. She not only completes us … but she makes work A LOT more fun. She is easy going and kind hearted and will NEVER turn down a glass of wine … no matter what …

Must-Have Versatile Dresses for Your Wardrobe

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Jillian Harris Versatile Dresses for Your Wardrobe

As I creep towards the big 4-0, I find myself investing in dresses that are not only playful, fun, and colourful but also those that are classy and timeless, and more importantly, those that are versatile! The two dresses that I’m featuring here both have this vintage, classy, 50’s housewife feel (which remind me of Betty Draper) and they’re BOTH from Modcloth!! …

Happy 30th Birthday Justin!

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Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Birthday

Dear Justin, By now, you are on a plane, bound for NYC for HOPEFULLY a weekend of a lifetime. It’s your 30th birthday today. I’ve been waiting for you to turn 30 since the day I found out you were only 24! Hahaha!! And nowI’mm 2 years away from being 40! WTH! LOL!! But holy how much you’ve experienced in …

What Leo and I Get up to on the Weekends

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Jillian Harris What Leo and I Get Up To On The Weekend

I’ve always LOVED my mornings with Leo but now, especially since I have gone back to work, I live for my weekend mornings with him! I can say that this whole “going back to work” process has been a lot easier than I had originally imagined it would be but I honestly miss our mornings together so much! When I’m filming during …

Vegan Shamrock Coconut Key Lime Tartlets

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Jillian Harris Vegan Shamrock Key Lime Tartlets

What’s better to celebrate St. Paddy’s day with (other than copious amounts of green beer … LOL!) than Vegan Shamrock Coconut Key Lime Tartlets?!☘ I’m a sucker for key lime ANYTHING so when we were brainstorming recipe ideas for St.Patrick’s day, this was obviously the big winner!! Plus, anything in individual servings is adorable! We decided to make traditional key lime …