My Bachelorette Recap: Boats, Spelling Bees and Gold Trophies

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Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Did you catch last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?? Does anyone else feel that this season is going a little slow and that the guys are a little dramatic?? And WHY are there so many “To Be Continued” episodes?? AND she let Diggy go … that made me so sad!! LOL! I mainly like him for his style … a part of me just wants to snoop around in his closet and see what he has in there … I bet it’s a massive walk in closet, everything is probably super organized and I bet it smells good … with no dirty clothes to be found. Someone tweeted me last night and said “there’s probably a 100 pair of tennis shoes in his closet” LOL!Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Recap

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Anyway, even with some of the frustrations of this season, there’s Dean. Dean makes everything better. LOL!!! I don’t know what it is, however, I’m fairly certain it’s his smile and laugh that get the best of me. When he was chosen for the one on one date he said: “I’m more than just a smiley guy” … OMG … honestly, how could you NOT love that about someone?? Throw in an awesome personality and some good looks and you’ve got yourself a keeper … and his name is Dean. He is seriously at the top of my list for Rachel … and if she doesn’t pick him, I imagine he will be the next Bachelor … I mean look at that face … LOL!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap Rachel Lindsay

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And WHO doesn’t want to go for a ride in a “BIMP” now?! Seriously … I had no clue they were so roomy… am I the only one who didn’t realize that?? And I guess, it doesn’t matter what you’re riding in, or where you are, as long as there is champagne. Am I right?! LOL.

Then there was the group date … I’m pretty sure when Rachel announced the guys were going to be participating in a Spelling Bee, I think I had the same look on my face as Josiah does below … that look of “WTF … a spelling bee?? Really??” And why did I think this? Well, at first I thought the group date idea was sort of lame and then I instantly realized how screwed I would be with some of the words thanks to a little thing in my life called ducking “autocorrect” … see what I did there?? Ducking … LOL!!

Even though Josiah looks unimpressed below … he ended up knocking it out of the park and scoring a gold trophy for the win … which he then carried around with him all night and drank out of and I thought it WAS AWESOME!!! LOL!! My idea of a perfect date now is … a blimp ride while lounging in the back sipping champagne out of a gold trophy. Speaking of that … I hope Justin reads this. Cough … next anniversary… cough.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap Rachel Lindsay

Also … did anyone notice if the spelling bee judges were wearing that ear protection throughout the WHOLE group date or was it ONLY when Rachel asked the guys to spell C-O-I-T-U-S and then she was asked to use it in a sentence?? I didn’t notice them wearing them on any other word??? Did you?? Either way, it made me laugh out loud for some reason … nothing like a quick lesson on sex ed when you’re judging a spelling bee contest. LOL!!!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap Rachel Lindsay

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And how about LEE?! Oh man … that guy is a trouble maker if I do say so myself, and poor Kenny is getting himself all wrapped up in his head games which is proving to be a setback for the soft hearted wrestler!! Don’t fall for it, Kenny … stay away from Lee and he will be booted out of there faster than you can spell GOODBYE!! I know the “TO BE CONTINUED” clip appears that they may have gotten in a fight … but I have a feeling it’s a lot less dramatic then it appears to be. I have a feeling that Rachel will take them on a two on one date and will end up sending both of them home just so that she can put her focus on finding love and not 2 guys fighting.

Alright … that about wraps up my recap of last night’s episode but before I go, I have a burning question I want to ask you … what do YOU think Diggy’s closest would look like?? LOL!!! Comment below!! I’m so curious …



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  • Ok.. So I am in love with Rachel, she is smart, sexy, and rough around the edges. (cough cough, reminds me of someone I am emailing right now) The choice of men are less that what she deserves (most of them) Spelling bee? Really, are we 12 or is that the look or geo that they are going for? You are right about Dean.. HOT, cute and sweet = keeper. Too bad my son is older than he is. oops.. did I just say that? I love Peter too. I think he is so legit. The chiropractor (can’t remember his name) his kissing skills kinda creep me out, I feel like I need to wipe my face off when they are done. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    Oh well, until next week, Monday and Tuesday… Hooray for us.. Maybe next week we will see a “field trip” to the zoo. Who knows

  • Immaculate!!!! Lol!!!

  • I found Josiah annoying drinking out of the trophy. I actually find him annoying not drinking out of it too. I don t think he’s for her.

  • I just wanted to let you know I love your
    I have watched you since day one with
    Your journey on The Bachelor/Bachelorette and HGTV!!
    You’re are Awesome!
    Now with Diggy….
    Did she ever question those Bow ties
    And yes… he has over 100 Sneakers!!

  • I hear you, Jilly! This season is way too slow and too dramatic. Too many “to be continued” episodes to keep anyone interested.

  • Tracie  • 

    Hey Jillian…..CH asked the girls to put on the headphones just for that none word .

  • I’m pretty sure Diggy said he has over 500 pairs of sneakers, so his closet must be his whole basement or something.. like where do you keep them all!? I was also sad to see him go. He was in my top 4 🙁

    I also hate the Kenny/Lee situation. I did notice however in the “on the next episode…” clip that the confrontation happens when it’s dark out and the bloody eye happens when the sky is bright blue.. so I wonder what actually happens to Kenny! I love him!

  • Well, I am completely in agreement with you about this week’s show. I HATE the “to be continued” BS!!! Dean is very adorable, and the spelling bee date was weird. Yes, Chris did stop proceedings to tell those judges to put on some protection before Rachel used coitus in a sentence! Lee is a pot stirrer, and Kenny (and any other guy of colour) needs to give him a wide berth. Just avoid him until he gets the heave ho. Shouldn’t be long now! She’s not interested in him anyway, which is why he needs to play games to put a target on someone else. I see you, Lee.