Warm Destination Wear Part 1

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Before any of you jet off on your Christmas getaways to warmer destinations I thought I would share with you one of my favourite items that I wore in Maui earlier this month!! Don’t worry, part 2 is coming next!!! Nothing beats a timeless top like this adorable red one from Goodnighth Macaroon that you can pair with ANY of your …

The Best Nursing Clothes

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Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great week and are as excited as I am for the weekend!!  Leo is 6 weeks old today (can you believe it?!?!) and I am finally starting to get the hang of this whole Mom thing … I think (not to mention yesterday’s craziness but hey no one is perfect right!?!?!)! I now …

One Last Summer Dress

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Ok first of all … HOW is it already September!?!?!?! Summer has been late to the game here in Canada. It started late and it looks like we MIGHT be squeezing out one more month of sunshine up until October (fingers crossed). And second of all … does anyone have any secrets on slowing down time!?!? My little Leo is almost …

A Week In Our Closet

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We made it to the weekend!!! And I am FINALLY feeling like I am starting to get back on track with posting for you guys … slowly but surely!! I know how much you all love my weekly round ups of what’s in my closet and what I wore but I have been SO busy being a mama I haven’t …

Summer Maternity Staples

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Throughout my entire pregnancy I’ve been doing my best to wear items that aren’t maternity and instead have been sizing up and finding items that are loose and flowy. I feel so lucky being pregnant in the summer and not having to worry too much about maternity jeans and bottoms … it is SO much more comfortable!!! BUT, now that I’m on …

A Week In My Closet

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A week in Jillian Harris closet

Happy weekend everyone!!! This week has had some serious highs and some serious lows. I don’t even know how I can begin to describe the warmth in my heart after being completely immersed in love and happiness at my baby shower this past Wednesday. I don’t know if I have ever felt so much love in one place and time and …

Summer Road Tripping 101

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I have loved road tripping since I was young … some of my fondest memories growing up were getting to drive to Slave Lake, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, etc. and sing my heart out with my friends along the way. As you get older and everyone has grown up jobs, boyfriends and starts getting pregnant, engaged or married …. it becomes next …

A Week In My Closet

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HAPPY LONG WEEKEND MY LOVES!!! Ok, ok … I feel like every week I say … “WOW!! What a crazy or special week it has been” but this week seriously tops them all!! Apart from an intense work schedule, there was also a lot of celebrating going on!! We had a couple new additions to my family this past week …

Dressing The Bump For The Beach

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One of the things I have been the most excited about since being pregnant is dressing the bump for the beach!!! I have always been envious of the pregnant women rocking their bumps in little bikinis and think they look SO cute!!! I can’t believe I finally get my turn this summer!!! I’m not going to lie, as soon as …

JH For PRIV Clothing Collection Is Now LIVE!!

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Ahhhhh GOOD MORNING my loves!!!!! I hope your computers are ready and coffee is on because my fourth exclusive capsule collection ‘Jillian Harris For Privilege’ is now LIVE!!! This collection includes 14 custom designed pieces and is our biggest collection to date!!! We have been working so hard to curate the perfect summer collection and we have poured our heart …

The Best Bikinis This Season

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Alright ladies!! I know it can be daunting, but it’s that time of year again, where we unpack our summer clothes and check out our bathing suit inventory. Have they disintegrated? Are they still in style? Do they even fit me anymore? Either way, I live in bikinis during the summer and I’m always in the market for a new addition. This …

A Week In My Closet

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A Week In Jillian Harris Closet

What a week it has been! From filming the show to picking up decor for the nursery, attending events, fitting in a pre-natal barre class and a loooonggg drive back home, this week has got me pooped! But the best part of this entire week hands down was the launch of the JHxMA ‘Summer Love’ jewelry collection!! We have had …

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Jillian Harris Father's Day Gift Guide

Time has been flying by lately and I wanted to leave you plenty of room to start thinking about Father’s Day before it totally sneaks up on us!!! It’s a pretty special Father’s day this year … I’m not only celebrating my own Dad, who I absolutely adore, but it’s also Justin’s last year before becoming a Dad!!! With all of …

Memorial Day Dressing

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Happy Memorial Day to all you lovelies down south … and happy MONDAY to all you Canadians!!! I swear that summer is the BEST time to be pregnant … there’s no need to worry about bundling up with jackets that don’t fit over the bump or trying to squeeze into maternity jeans. All you need to do is throw on …