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How to Make Your Easter Dinner Indulgent and Vegan

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Who doesn’t LOVE a good Easter dinner?!?! I sure do!! Not only do I love all of the delicious food and wine BUT I can’t get enough of quality time with my family. I freakin LOVE big family dinners!! Just the other day I was cruising Pinterest looking for some awesome vegan side dishes and […]


My Favourite Tofu Recipes

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Well it’s no secret that I love my tofu and I’ve had MANY requests to share some of my favourite go-to tofu recipes so this blog is ALL about … you guessed it, TOFU! Lol!! We might as well start with the most important meal of the day here … breakfast! Back in November when […]


10 Foods to Kickstart a Healthy New Year

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So … if you’re like the rest of us I can safely assume that one of your resolutions was to workout and eat better this year??? Am I right???? Wellllll if that’s the case, then YOU’RE in luck!!!! This blog is all about my top 10 foods to kickstart your healthy New Year!!!! While I […]


Back To School Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

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Hi everyone, Tori here from Fraiche Nutrition!!! With back to school just around the corner, I thought I should start testing out healthy granola bar recipes (these ones are also vegan) that kids love but more importantly that they’re allowed to bring to school. With all of the different food allergies out there these days […]


To Eat or Not To Eat Your Placenta!?

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I’m sure you’ve heard about it before … and if you haven’t … you heard it here first!! The question is … would you eat your placenta? And if you are going to … how would you do it??? What do you think about this controversial topic?? Do you agree with the health benefits? Here’s […]


Post Baby Diet, Lactation Boosters & BOOBIE SMOOTHIE

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We are a little over 2 weeks post-Leo now and I am finally starting to feel ‘normal’ again. My healing is going really well (after tearing a few times and an episiotomy) I feel a little more focused and am running more on regular energy and love rather than adrenaline. I’ll have to say we still […]


Pizza For Breakfast

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Who doesn’t like pizza for breakfast?? And better yet, breakfast pizza!!! If you can’t decide if you want eggs or pizza … this breakfast pizza will blow your mind and your taste buds. It’s perfect for the weekends and is surprisingly super easy to make. You don’t have to make your own pizza dough, but I […]


5 Ways To Add The Unicorn Of Spices To Your Life

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Like a pretty new girl transferring to a high school mid-year, turmeric just swooped in and stole the whole damn show. Everybody is talking about turmeric as if it’s some new spice that just popped up out of nowhere, but in fact it’s been popular in India for thousands of years. So what’s all the […]


Pineapple Ring Pancakes

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Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast to surprise your mom with this weekend!?!?! Look no further … these pineapple ring pancakes are fresh, sweet, delicious and a little bit different from the regular ol’ pancakes!! They will be a crowd pleaser not only for Mother’s Day but all summer long … I […]


The Best Hawaiian Smoothie Bowl

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Smoothie bowls are all the rage right now so I asked my cousin Tori from Fraiche Nutrition to whip one up for you guys … it is SO freakin’ good I can’t wait for you to try it!!! And just in time for the weekend … this tropical baby will be a life saver all […]


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