Food Friday: Angel Cakes

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There is a good reason these pancakes are called ‘Angel Cakes’ around our family…they are soo fluffy and delicious! My Dietitian cousin Tori of Fraiche Nutrition makes these for every special breakfast we have, and they just get devoured!!!  You can substitute gluten-free flour for the regular flour in the recipe for anybody avoiding gluten (she uses Patricia Chuey’s Gluten-Free Multipurpose Baking …

Saturday Brunch: Huevos Rancheros

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I’m SOO excited that Cinco de Mayo is coming up that I decided to repost another Mexican recipe to share with all of you! When an opportunity arises for me to eat Mexican food for breakfast, it’s pretty much a dream come true! So, I whipped up this amazingly easy-to-make and delicious huevos rancheros recipe and it absolutely hit the …

Food Friday: Eggs in a Hammy Basket

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Are you ready for the world’s EASIEST (and super tasty) breakfast to make?! Ingredients & Directions So easy. Grease the pan, stick a slice of ham in each pocket – crack an egg and add a dash of salt & pepper. Bake at 350 F until the eggs are your desired firmness (so keep an eye on them)! Top with …

Food Friday: Ham And Cheese Scones

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I stole/borrowed this recipe from my amazing cousin Tori a while back and decided to revive it, switch it up a little and add some ham! Sooo delish, especially with soup or chili! I know it doesn’texactly follow my super healthy eating track record, BUT I think that everybody’s entitled to a little cheat day every now and then 😉 The …

Food Friday: Overnight Oats

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A little while back, I posted a recipe for Bircher Museli, which calls for leaving the oats to soak overnight. The recipe was so popular and I ended up eating the museli so many days in a row, that I decided to get creative in the kitchen and came up with new ways to have overnight oats! The recipe is so …

Food Friday: Huevos Rancheros

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“Hi, I’m Jillian and I’ve been a Mexican food addict for the past 15 years.” Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration…maybe my addiction to Mexican food isn’t that bad, but I honestly feel that sometimes my friends need to stage some sort of food-intervention for me! So, when an opportunity arises for me to eat Mexican food for breakfast, it’s pretty …

Food Friday: Bircher Museli

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Alright, so many of you know that I’m having a (mostly) a healthy start to my New Year!! I may have had a MINOR lapse when I whipped up my Dudes’ Spaghetti Bolognaise this past weekend BUT it was totally worth it…and I blame it on the weather. It was a comfort-food kind of day!!! Anyway, I’m back on the train (or wagon?? However …

Omelettes with Jillian

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I popped into the Vancouver Sun to hang out over breakfast and do some storytelling! Check out the link to the blog… let’s just say you’ll see me sketched as a MOOSE!!! Jilly