Food Friday: Eggs in a Hammy Basket

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Are you ready for the world’s EASIEST (and super tasty) breakfast to make?! Ingredients & Directions So easy. Grease the pan, stick a slice of ham in each pocket – crack an egg and add a dash of salt & pepper. Bake at 350 F until the eggs are your desired firmness (so keep an eye on them)! Top with …

Food Friday: Ham And Cheese Scones

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I stole/borrowed this recipe from my amazing cousin Tori a while back and decided to revive it, switch it up a little and add some ham! Sooo delish, especially with soup or chili! I know it doesn’texactly follow my super healthy eating track record, BUT I think that everybody’s entitled to a little cheat day every now and then 😉 The …

Food Friday: Overnight Oats

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A little while back, I posted a recipe for Bircher Museli, which calls for leaving the oats to soak overnight. The recipe was so popular and I ended up eating the museli so many days in a row, that I decided to get creative in the kitchen and came up with new ways to have overnight oats! The recipe is so …

Food Friday: Huevos Rancheros

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“Hi, I’m Jillian and I’ve been a Mexican food addict for the past 15 years.” Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration…maybe my addiction to Mexican food isn’t that bad, but I honestly feel that sometimes my friends need to stage some sort of food-intervention for me! So, when an opportunity arises for me to eat Mexican food for breakfast, it’s pretty …

Food Friday: Bircher Museli

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Alright, so many of you know that I’m having a (mostly) a healthy start to my New Year!! I may have had a MINOR lapse when I whipped up my Dudes’ Spaghetti Bolognaise this past weekend BUT it was totally worth it…and I blame it on the weather. It was a comfort-food kind of day!!! Anyway, I’m back on the train (or wagon?? However …

Food Friday: A Healthy New Year with Vegetarian Casserole & Blueberry Smoothies

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If you’re anything like me, you’re just now crawling out of your holiday food coma – I blame it on all the turkey, stuffing & dessert…oh yeah ANNND all of those New Year’s Eve treats!! Whoops! Anyway, it’s only a couple days into 2014, but I’m already craving healthy food. Sticking with my goal to start this New Year right, …

Omelettes with Jillian

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I popped into the Vancouver Sun to hang out over breakfast and do some storytelling! Check out the link to the blog… let’s just say you’ll see me sketched as a MOOSE!!! Jilly

Food Friday: The Perfect Omelet

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We’ve all made omelets so you might not need the recipe for this one, but just in case… here’s my recipe for the perfect omelet. Jilly tip: the trick to a good omelet is cooking on low/medium heat. 1. Pour your well-beaten eggs into a preheated pan and do not touch them- just pour them in, and cover them on …