My Bachelorette Recap: Mind Games & a Ring!

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Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Morning loves! If you didn’t watch last night’s finale of The Bachelorette I suggest you STOP reading this, go give it a watch and then come BACK and continue reading this because this blog is going to be filled with spoilers!! LOL!! Alright, for those of who you watched the finale last night, what did you think?! I’ve noticed SO …

Ask Jilly: Episode 1

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Ask Jilly - Episode 1

OMG YOU GUYS!! I’m soooo excited!! This is our very FIRST VLOG!! If you’re unsure what a vlog is, so are we!!! Just kidding. A vlog is a video blog. We’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now but never found the time to get around to it and we finally buckled down and got one filmed for …

My Bachelorette Recap: Expect the Unexpected

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Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

I can’t believe how quickly this season of The Bachelorette is going by … last week the home towns and then this week the guys met Rachel’s family and then the fantasy suites!! Gah!! She’s soooo close to choosing her husband!! I hope she remembered to shave her legs!! LOL!! But in all seriousness, this WHOLE time I thought for …

My Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Hotties

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Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Wow … last night’s four hometowns could NOT have been ANY DIFFERENT! Right?!?! Each one left me with a new appreciation for every single guy and honestly … left me a little heartbroken and confused!!! How about you?? Okay, before I get all emotional … let’s start off with a little recap on each of the guys and their hometowns!! …

The Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All … Literally

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LOL!!! I’m sitting here still reminiscing on the beginning of last night’s viagra commercial … errrrr … I mean, episode of The Bachelor … LOL!! Seriously, though, how freakin funny was it watching Raven the morning after her night with Nick, skipping along the sidewalks, high fiving people and making snow angels with the biggest shit eating grin on her face?! I …

Does Location Matter as Much as Everyone Says?

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Alright, everyone, this is our final post in our series from Mr. Todd Talbot … well, for now, that is!! If you missed the last posts Todd shared with us, you HAVE to check them out as he offers up some valuable advice when it comes to answering your questions as first-time homebuyers, why purchasing real estate is a good …

The Bachelor: AKA The Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

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Who else went on an emotional rollercoaster ride from hell watching last night’s episode of the Bachelor?!?! From anxiety to fuzzy feelings, to a terrifying haunted house to a dramatic ending, they seriously pulled out all the stops to f*ck with our emotions and it left me sitting there dumbfounded and totally confused on the couch. Ohhh man … the …

How to Choose Your Next Neighbourhood

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Morning loves!!! I’ve got a little hump day treat for you … TODD Talbot is taking over the blog today to offer up some advice on how to choose your next neighborhood as part of our mini Real Estate Series!!! Over the last couple of months Todd has given us some awesome insight on first time home buying and points on WHY …

Guess Who’s Back?! It’s Not Just Nick!

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If you watched last night’s episode you’ll know that the Backstreet Boys weren’t the ONLY thing that was back!!!! You guessed it, Corinne’s crazy antics were back too!!!! LOL!!! But for real … who else felt like they jumped on a time machine and was shot back to the 90’s as soon as the Backstreet Boys made their appearance last …

Last Nights Bachelor Recap in One Word: Awkward

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That’s right!!!! If I could describe last night’s episode of The Bachelor in ONE WORD … it would be … AWKWARD!!!!!! Seriously … OMG!!!! Where do I even begin?!?! Corinne … the SLAP … Liz secretly revealing her and Nick’s skeletons RIGHT in front of the girls??? What a damn shitshow… two hours of AMAZING shitshow awkwardness!!!! Photo Credit Let’s …