Euro Glam on Home Soil

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Totally Euro-glam, right??? It may seem that this is me roaming the architecturally beautiful and historically rich streets of Dublin, London, or Edinburgh, all cozied up for a day of antiquing, shopping, exploring, cafe-ing, photo-ing… wine-ing!! ….but I have you fooled, kids! I actually wore this outfit pre trip-of-my-life in good ol’ North America (perhaps it was my way to GET IN THE MOOD) and just happened to get a shot of it outside this stunning vintage-inspired doorway & beautiful brick wall.

As you’ve probably already figured out, one of my favourite things about fall is the cozy, comfy, knitted, booted, lush fashion that comes with it. This Topshop sweater paired with my fave Paige jeans, sunnies, bling, and a pop-of-colour heels made the PERFECT cross-season look on a beautiful day like this one was. And I thought I’d save it in my pocket for when I was actually roaming those European streets!!

So, what have we all learned?? Euro-babes stand aside!! Us NAers can go classic glam too….

My trip has been AMAZING – I mean life changingamazing (many many stories coming to my blog next week!!) – but I am actually excited to be landing on good ol’ Canadian soil once again. Get me some beers, bacon, flannel, and The Great White North… this redneck is coming baaaaack!!!

xo Jilly

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