Our Halloween Costume Details

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Jillian Harris Halloween Costumes

Me again!! LOL!! Okay, as promised … I’m sharing all of the details of our HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!  As I mentioned in today’s previous blog I struggled this year to come up with our costumes … I mean, howwww in the world were we going to top off what we did last year for Leo’s first Halloween?! LOL!!

Jillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for ToddlersJillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for ToddlersJillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for ToddlersJillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for ToddlersJillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

Welp … I may not have topped Nacho’s costumes this year (It’s almost impossible to beat Dorothy) LOL … but I must say, he looks DAMN good this year … even with his ACL surgery, he managed to hit the gym and beef up before his big Halloween appearance. This guy is ready to save the world. ??

Jillian Harris Halloween CostumesJillian Harris Halloween Costumes

And then there is Leo … I ended up buying TWO costumes for him this year because I couldn’t decide on ONE! LOL. So, the first one is his Max costume from Where the Wild Things Are … and HOLY CRAP … it is so FREAKIN CUTE!! LOL!! I might take him to the pumpkin patch in this one …

Jillian Harris Halloween CostumesJillian Harris Halloween CostumesJillian Harris Halloween Costumes

I also wanted us to have another family costume … so this year, we are going at Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Captain HOOK!!! I am obsessed with these costumes!! I purchased Justin’s and Nacho’s costumes from Amazon and I made mine and Leo’s!! I made my Tinker Bell outfit out of two party skirts that I layered, I “edited” one of them and cut it a bit shorter … and the top piece was made out of a tube top that I dyed green with RIT dye!! I found my slippers at Value Village and glued pom poms to the top of them!! AND I bought a long blonde wig and I styled it myself to look like Tink’s up-do! Lol … I actually had Justin wear it as I styled it … Tink never looked so good!! LOLLL!! I topped off the loop with some green eyeshadow, liner, and some bright red lips!!

Leo’s costume was a white top that I dyed and then cut, his belt was from Value Village, his leggings are little girl leggings (and you ROCKED them Leo … lol!), his boots are from Old Navy and I actually MADE his hat!! Lol! It was actually so easy, I was able to whip it up pretty quickly with felt and a glue gun!! I love making costumes (when I have the time … LOL!) but there are also a TON of costumes on Amazon that are cute and time savers! LOL!

Jillian Harris Halloween Costumes

What are are you dressing up as today?! Comment below!!




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  • So adorable! That might be what we all go as next year! Our little Layne would be such a cute Peter Pan. Maybe I’ll go as Hook and my husband as Tinker Bell hahaha.

  • So adorable! I love family costumes!
    We were ” Alice in wonderland!” Mad hatter, rabbit, Alice and the queen!

  • Sara Lindback  • 

    What is that lipstick shade you’re wearing in as Dorothy?! LOVE!!