My Bachelorette Recap: Turn Down for What

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Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Hi everyone, Mindy here!! Sorry this recap is a little bit late but we had a big photoshoot at Jillian’s yesterday and while we were busy getting content, we ALSO had the chance to chat about the Bachelorette together!! So, today you’re getting thoughts from Team Jilly as a whole!!

You ready for this??

Here’s what we thought about Monday’s episode …

1. Lincoln Totally Cheated

The group date was quite entertaining for a few reasons … we got a sneak peek of the guy’s bods (never a bad thing … LOL) and it was pretty hilarious watching the guys run around and scramble to snag the ring to propose to Becca. However, Lincoln TOTALLY CHEATED?! RIGHT?? He jumped out of the cold water too soon and then he used his hands a few times to dig through the cake!! Gah!!! So frustrating!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

2. Blake Won Us Over

We all absolutely LOVE Blake, he really stood out to us on Monday’s episode and we agree that he will FOR SURE make it to the top 5 and there’s a REALLY good chance we could see him in the top two! He seems like such a down to earth, genuine guy and we think they would make such a cute couple … and maybe even stand the test of time!!

3. The One on One Date was Epic

Holy sh*t you guys … when Becca took Blake on the one on one and they basically just smashed things while Little John rapped had us DYING OF LAUGHTER!!!! We couldn’t get enough of the slo-mo smashing action and Little John in the background singing “TURN DOWN FOR WHATTTTT” … OMG, just thinking of it again has us in tears!! 😂

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

4. Connor Wins the “Dick Move” Award of the Night

We thought how Connor handled the whole photo of Lincoln and Becca situation (tossing it onto the florr and then into the pool) was so childish and ridiculous. We totally understand that that would be annoying to look at but there are times when you just have to suck up those jealous feelings or else they will BITE YOU IN THE ARSE!!

Also … I was reading all of the comments that everyone posted after my last recap and it seemed as though a good portion of you were pro-Connor and I’m curious to know if that whole situation turned you off of him … or if he’s still in your good books? Comment below!!!

5. Leo is a Beast

I mean … his hair alone is a beast but can we talk about this guy’s dodgeball skills? He’s a bit of an animal on the trampoline! LOL!! We’re not entirely sure how far Leo will make it in the competition but we’re curious to see more of him … he seems to be some sort of magical elusive creature. LOL!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

6. Colton and Tia …

We all agree that Colton is HOTTTTTTT but he has us on our toes a bit … in my last recap I was raving about him and mentioned that I hoped he wasn’t pulling the wool over our eyes and we are STILL uncertain about this. Especially now that he spilled the beans that he dated Tia … I guess we will have to wait and see how it all unfolds when they come face to face next week. Can somebody say AWKWARD?!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

7. Becca’s Outfits

We haven’t really been digging any of Becca’s outfits yet … is it just us?? Do you guys like them?? I mean … I think we COULD have done without the belt here for starters … no??

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

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Well, we can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode and we’re counting down the days until we get to see what unfolds next week!! Stay tuned for another recap coming your way next Tuesday!!

Until then …



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  • Natalie  • 

    I was so pro-Colton last episode, I’m curious how it will play out next Monday when Tia comes on! I was so disappointed with Connor how he handled himself, but I think he did a good job by bringing in the picture of himself at the cocktail party! I have hope for him still!

  • Tanis S  • 

    I totally agree with you gals. Lincoln did cheat, she should have tossed Connor just like he tossed that photo, and Blake was adorable. I mean, he’s not attractive to me in the looks department, but she seems to like him, so that’s all that matters. Leo rocks, and I think he’s kind of hot, but I would personally love to see him with a short hair cut. I mean, his hair is glorious, but I have trouble taking anyone with a man-bun seriously! I’m a bit on the fence on the Colton situation. I mean, it’s not like he has some serious long-term relationship with Tia, and she and Becca are technically friends, but not the type who live in the same town and hang out regularly, so not a big deal from my perspective. However, I wasn’t crazy about the way he described the situation to Becca. He seemed kind of shifty, like he was hiding something. I guess Becca will get the straight goods from Tia on Monday? We already know he’s not going anywhere because he’s been featured in future clips. And I agree on the fashion front. Eg: those silver shorts were awful, but the white tee was cute.

  • Amanda  • 

    I like Blake, too, and I loved most of her outfits!
    Should be a fun season. Looking forward to all of your recaps 🙂

  • You forgot to mention nearly naked model Jared! He is ridiculous!!

    • Tanis S  • 

      Oh, geez! I had blocked that from my memory. It’s official. I’ll be ffwding through all of his scenes until he is gone.

  • Re: the one on one date… although it was fun to watch all the smashing, I’m getting tired of hearing about Arie. If I’m tired of it, I’m sure Becca is over it too. Can we all just move on and focus on the future. There are some great guys to get to know! 😃

  • Eunice M  • 

    I cannot stand Lincoln…the kissing and talking to the picture, crying over the picture getting thrown into the water, and he was clearly cheating at something that was just supposed to be fun. I was so happy that he didn’t get the group date rose. That being said Connor, yes he overreacted, but at that point tensions were already high with the suspected cheating and the fact that Lincoln kept being childish about his win, and I think finally he just snapped. In the end, he apologized for his behavior and was able to make fun of himself, that’s more than Lincoln did. As far as Becca’s outfits, ugh why the belt?!?!? I loved her white dress from the obstacle course date, but none of her other outfits have impressed me, and what was with those silver shorts from the dodgeball date. She is so beautiful and some of these outfits have not been flattering for her figure.

  • Andrea  • 

    Ok….. So my thoughts on Connor are; if he loses his 💩💩💩 over the picture issue, how will he behave when things get tough in general??? Let’s face it, 💩💩💩 happens.!!!!! Huge red flag for sure.
    Also, not sure I believe Lincoln is sincere, and he is a big fat cheater!!!!
    I would be cutting both these dudes loose ASAP!!!! Harsh I know, but Becca’s been through enough!!!!

  • Not sure who is doing Becca’s hair but whoever it is needs help!!!! They need to hire a professional hairdresser!

  • Ahhh !! About the outfits!! I thought it was just me!!!! But for some reason they feel kinda dated and boring?!! 😬

  • Brittany  • 

    I LOVED the little red jump suit that Becca wore on the first group date! Otherwise I wasn’t too fond of all the sequin dresses going on (or the odd adjustments to the workwear)!

  • Heather  • 

    Lincoln handled the situation like a real asshole but Colton definitely took it to far. Lincoln could have easily just been the bigger person and put the picture away but Colton could have done the same. Then duder ran and tattled to Becca – I mean, you knew that was coming but geeze. Testosterone was running a little too high that day, I guess.

    Your totally on point with Becca’s outfits – what’s the deal with that?! Half the fun of the show is the fashion – ha!

    • Tanis S  • 

      Connor threw the picture. Colton is the blond guy with the CF vests that had been seeing Tia.

  • I like her outfits, it’s just normal to have fail days,noone is perfect,are you?

  • Christina F  • 

    Totally not digging Becca’s outfits either. Her stylist needs the be fired! Also feeling like Colton isn’t as innocent as he’s trying to portray. Someone pointed out that he was canoodling with Tia while she was the front runner for the next bachelorette. Makes you wonder about his true intentions!

  • I’m sure I won’t be the only one asking why is Jordan not mention at all in this recap🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Thought for sure his inability to speak intelligible English and clothe himself would have been a highlight of the show and warrant some comments at keast🤔🤔🤔

  • Karstar  • 

    Omg I died when I saw that belt 😂😂😂

  • Lauren  • 

    Not feeling the belt on the coveralls but LIVED for her red jumpsuit on the group date. Damn gurl

  • Hahahaha, Mindy, it’s Lil Jon, not Little John hahahaha, omg I laughed so hard. This reminded me the tweet of one former Bachelorette contestant that make a joke about Blake being like a white old woman because he said Little John hahahahaha. It’s all in good joke, you literally make me LOL

  • Hi ladies, I agree. The belt has got to go, it was way over the top. On another note. I’m very curious next week to watch the body language between Colton and Tia. Becca has expressed in so many words to Colton, she has the hots for him. (Also this is just my impression, but I think Colton made it sound as if his and Tia’s ‘hook up’ was pretty much a one night stand). I am hoping if Becca is agood friends, and cares about Tia feelings, Becca should pull Tia aside and explain that she has interest in Colton, and then wait, and see if Tia’s cool with them getting together?

    • Tanis S  • 

      Well, I don’t know if that’s what I heard. He said they went on a weekend trip. At any rate, I’m assuming Tia doesn’t give two figs because in the clips from future episodes, it appears he’ll be around for awhile. Guess we’ll see on Monday!

  • Colton is not there for right reasons 😉 I’m sure he and Tia will be on BIP. Blake for Bachelor and I think the belt looks good LOL

  • Oh yeah and rumor has it, Leo did some sort of soft porn! Bahahaha

  • Krissy  • 

    I feel like they’re bringing up Arie way too much and not just letting Becca have her own love story. He was mentioned on every single date, from Rachel and Bryan to the little kids at the dodgeball date to the whole one on one being centered around Becca and Arie’s relationship. Let the girl put that all behind her!

  • Sarah Adcock  • 

    Agree on Becca’s outfits..totally thought the same about the belt and was not even a fan of the blue sequined dress…none of her other outfits are memorable for me.

    I agree about pretty much all else that you stated above!

    Lincon needs to go home in my opinion, the fact he cried was just a little too much for me…nice bod or not, I am not a fan.

  • David Quinn  • 

    Some of these men (childush) can be traced back to their beginnings.. brats… and spoiled brats..jealousy is a personal trait and most know how to handle it ..many don’t. Sad
    . The mature makes will prevail.