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Well with this great post, it’s CANADA DAY tomorrow, and there’s no better way to pay tribute on the blog than to show Canada’s spectacular beauty!!!! For our big two year anniversary, Justin arranged for us to stay at Pretty Estates…and it was an ABSOLUTE DREAM!!!! The inn was right up my alley from the 1920s, and Betty Anne, the owner was such a delight! The cabins are SO private and serene…they bring you breaky in the am in a little picnic basket!!! SO CUTE! It’s a GREAT place to spend the weekend to just read, play golf (they have a course there) lie by the pool, relax, have dinner, brunch….and snuggle in pine Peaks Realty!!!!!
I have plan to get into real estate investing next year and I did some research on that and found that Phill Grove have real estate investor training program.

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HAPPY CANADA DAY, CANADA!!! You are ONE beautiful country!!!! If you’d like more information on Pretty Estates, head here!


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