The Bachelor Recap: Hurricane Krystal

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Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Holy smokes … Hurricane Krystal came in HOT last night on The Bachelor!! I’m actually sitting here still shocked and dumbfounded that Arie gave the last rose to Krystal last night and sent Maquel home … WTF?! 🤦🏼‍♀️Okay, before I start getting too fired up about the shenanigans that went down last night’s episode of The Bachelor, let me backtrack to the BEGINNING.

Chelsea got the first one on one date last night and I think it was great for her to get that quality time with Arie and she kind of won me over again (just a bit!) last night … she had me when she was telling Arie about her past and how she lost everything and now at this time in her life when she has the least, she feels like she has the most. Hook. Line. And SINKER. That was pretty damn awesome for her to say. However, while I think she may have won Arie over too … I just don’t see them ending up together. I think the fact that she has a child makes him SUPER cautious around her because he’s worried if things don’t work out with them that he’s not only letting one person down but two. And I think it’s fair to be nervous about that but at the same time he shouldn’t hold back because of it. I just don’t think he has the same fiery chemistry with Chelsea as he does with some of the other girls!!

Then came THE GROUP DATE!!! This group date started out fun … beer … appetizers … and bowling … pretty chill, right?! WRONG!! Shit started hitting the fan when Arie decided the girls were going to split up into two teams … the winners would carry on and stick around for the after party and the losers would head back to their rooms. Gulp. If this wasn’t enough to bring out the cattiness, then leave it up to Krystal to take it to the next level!!! Things got a little tense as the competition heated up and then Krystal’s team, The Spare Roses, won … they were pretty happy about their big W until Arie decided to let the other team come to the after party anyway … and he didn’t check with Krystal first to see if that was ok … which then I guess, made him a LIAR in Krystal’s eyes. 🙄

Jillian Harris The Bachelor RecapJillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Krystal continued to pout about Arie’s decision to allow the other girls to join in on the fun and she decided to stay in her room rather than hanging out with everyone … BIG FREAKIN’ MISTAKE!! When Arie found out that Krystal had decided to stay in her room he thought it would be a good idea to go check on her (this was when I started rolling my eyes at my TV) and this was EXACTLY what Krystal wanted … she wanted Arie to come up and console her and give her a hug and tell her he’s sorry and convince her to come down. Welp. Arie DID go up and see her but BOY did he ever put her in her place!!!! I was soooo jacked on how Arie responded to Krystal, he told her to stay up in her room and that he would see her in a few days … OUCH!!! This reminded me of one of those moments when someone says to you “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” … when you hear those words, it totally guts you and makes you feel EVEN WORSE!!! This was the exact OPPOSITE of what Krystal was hoping would happen and I frickin LOVED watching it unfold. She was being so ridiculous and I was ecstatic to see Arie refuse to play into it!!

The response Krystal received from Arie totally KILLED HER … you could see it in her facial expression as he left her room and shortly after he left she decided it would be a good idea to get dressed and attend the party … WTF. This was a bad move. As soon as she showed up the girls were instantly frustrated (as they should be!) and started calling her out on her little antics. I particularly liked the fact that Bekah called her out on going back on her word … which is WHY Krystal was so upset with Arie … INSERT DUMFOUNDED LOOK HERE!!!! That made NO SENSE!! Was anyone else just as confused and annoyed at this situation as I was?!?! I thought FOR SURE Krystal would be headed home after this hurricane of drama!!

Let’s put a pause on Hurricane Krystal for a moment and shift our focus to TIA!!! I absolutely love Tia!! I thought her date with Arie was so refreshing, she’s so easy going, absolutely beautiful and ridiculously sweet!! At first, I wasn’t sure that she wanted to kiss Arie as she kept pulling away from him, or keeping the kisses short, (I mean, can you blame her? He literally swaps spit with so many girls in such a short period of time, right?!) but maybe she is just trying to be a bit more reserved?? Either way, I think Arie is really into her and will keep her around for a while … I would love to see the two of them end up together but a part of me feels like she needs a MORE outgoing guy … what do you think??

Alright, back to the storm … the Cocktail party again had me thinking that Arie was going to send Krystal home … especially when she mentioned to him “This is our first fight” and he came back with “This could be our last fight” … I’m pretty sure when I heard those words come out of his mouth … my jaw dropped to the floor!! She was probably getting a little nervous at that point!! So fast forward through all of the roses and we are down to the final one … and he FREAKIN GAVE IT TO KRYSTAL!!!! I can’t believe it. He is definitely in for some more drama going forward … in my opinion, this is only encouraging her crazy behaviour. If she wants to make it to the end, she better check herself, before she wrecks herself!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Oh, and another thing I can’t believe … THAT ARIE LICKED A BOWKING BALL!!!! Omg. I can barely look at this photo without wanting to hurl.

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Anyway … until next week!!



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  • The lick was disgusting but my hubby told me it was a montage to the movie “the big lebowski”, lol, so not as bad!

  • Amanda Savage  • 

    I was reading this blog waiting for the “Arie Licked a Bowling Bowl?!?!” And I almost thought you may have missed it! I thought I was going crazy when I saw that? WTF Arie??? Why??? Why?
    Thanks for the recap 🙂 Always a pleasure to read!!! XX Amanda

  • You are on point with everything, I think the same way as you.
    Now, Arie giving Krystal the rose, there are two possibilities, the first one, Arie is a morron hahahaha, second one, production decided to keep her longer for entertainment purposes, I think is the second one, because even though he is a snooze fest, I don’t think he likes dramatic and high maintenance women, it looks like he is more into chill, go with the flow type of girls.
    Love your recaps!!!

  • Yup! I felt every word you said Jillian &’thought the same things . The Bowling ball ” lick” was gross 😵..
    It almost seems like the producers encourage the antics of the Nutcase women? Seems like every Season has one that we would all like to see tied up and gagged somewhere! You could FEEL the disgust coming from Bekah when Krystal was gloating and smirking over her rose. Bekah may be young? But she is YEARS ahead of Krystal in maturity and behaviour.
    Again, I feel it was a huge mistake for him to take her to his home and have her meet his family! Hopefully he is starting to regret his choices too.
    Did she learn anything this week? Resounding NOOOoooo! As the show ends she even comes on with more threats against the other girls… Let’s hope this next week will see her go home. She is totally manipulating the show and Arie .

  • Thank you for talking about licking the bowling ball…I had to rewind to make sure I saw it right. There was no reference to this weirdness either, I’m totally creeped out by it. Krystal is a train wreck even Arie can’t stop watching…next week should be interesting…Cheers!

  • I’m actually going to come to Krystal’s defense here… please don’t hate me! It seems like she is genuinely really into Arie and they did have a good connection from the get-go. Arie himself even told Krystal that their relationship has advanced more than with any of the other girls. So, when she won at bowling she was probably stoked to get extra time with him, and they he took that away, I would probably be pissed too, those group dates look like chaos, of course she wanted less girls and more time with Arie. She probably shouldn’t have called him a liar, but she did admit to being in “the heat of the moment” when she said that, which I’m sure none of us can claim to have never said things we wouldn’t normally say in the heat of the moment.

    I don’t think that Krystal stayed in her room just so that Arie would come and console her, and even if she did, it’s not really fair to assume that. And saying that you were glad that Arie “put her in her place”, yaaaaa, that’s not a very cool thing to say. Aren’t we living in a time where we shouldn’t be encouraging men to “put women in their place”? Just saying.

    I actually see all of these emotional moments from Krystal as her just being a real person, it’s a better depiction of what real dating is like rather than what Arie is getting from all of the other girls. The other girls aren’t showing their ‘bad sides’ to Arie, they’re giving him the typical Bachelor fairy tale experience where there’s little conflict and they’re just there to ‘win’ him; they bat their eyelashes and are easy going about everything. Annaliese actually was the other girl that seemed to be the most ‘real’ to me, and showed real emotions, but he got rid of her right away. Looks like Arie just wants a doting women who stuffs her emotions away.

  • Love the recap and totally agree! I actually really love Tia but I think she might need a man who believes in God like she does and like you said, a more outgoing fella?

    Arie seemed like he had a disgusted face on when he gave Krystal that final rose. Like it was forced. Or maybe I’m just assuming, but he didn’t seem happy about it!