Annie’s Dreamy Sip & See

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Annie's Dreamy Sip & See

Morning everyone! It’s Team Jilly here for another takeover!! We wanted to pop on today to give you some behind the scenes details and photos from Annie’s Sip and See last Saturday! We knew Jillian wanted to have a small get together to officially welcome (and toast!) little Annie into the world so we got busy and started planning Annie’s …

5 Tips to Staying Stress Free

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Jillian Harris Staying Stress Free

Hi Everyone, Jamie here from Sanga Living. As some of you know, I have been working with Jillian and her Team Jilly for over the last two years. My job is to support these high performing women to excel in a high-pressure environment. And let me tell you, I work with Fortune 500 companies and High-Powered CEO’s and these ladies …

My Daily Routine as a Mother of Two

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Hi everyone!! I can’t believe my maternity leave is officially over and I’m already back to work!! How does time fly by so fast?! Over the last six weeks that I’ve been at home with Annie … and officially being a mother of TWO (well, three, if you include Nacho! LOL!), I found that I had the best daily routine …

Gingerbread Granola with Maple Spiced Almond Milk

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This Gingerbread Granola is seriously delicious with its perfect blend of nuts and indulgent spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, paired with a hint of salt. This festive granola is drool-worthy on its own but even BETTER when served up with homemade creamy maple spiced almond milk. The gingerbread granola and maple spiced almond milk is perfect for your …

Little Leader’s Series: Olivia Matheson

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Jillian Harris: Little Leader Series OLIVIA MATHESON

Hi Everyone!! As most of you know I started up the “Little Leaders” series last year to shed some light on the little shining stars in our communities and so far it’s been amazing to see the positive response come in from everyone in support of these uplifting blogs and the number of emails that we’ve received sharing stories of …