The Perfect Girls Banff Getaway

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Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff

As everyone knows, I’m a HUGE fan of girls getaways!! I think everyone deserves and needs a little time away from work and their crazy busy family life to get together with your besties and have some wine, laugh, relax and indulge!! Just recently I look off to Banff with my closest friends from Alberta … I’ve known most of …

The Bachelor Recap: Taxidermy Terror

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Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Alright … I assume I wasn’t the only one totally freaked out over Kendall’s Taxidermy room last night … right? I could barely stomach this hometown date … she originally lost me when they walked into her room dedicated to her strange obsession and then she REALLY FREAKIN lost me when she busted out the rats to stuff and took …