Changing the Birth Story: What It Means to Me

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Jillian Harris Changing the Birth Story

This blog is all about the birth story, mine in particular, but also recognizing that my birth story might not be the same as others. Recently I discovered an organization, Plan International Canada, who works in close partnership with communities, health facilities and governments to increase both access to and quality of services for women, adolescents and children in places like Bangladesh, Ghana, …

Ask Jilly: All About Justin!

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Jillian Harris Ask Jilly All About Justin

Hi Everyone!! Today I’m sharing EPISODE 4 of ASK JILLY!! If you missed episode 3, you better make sure to watch it right after this episode because I dished some prettyyyy juicy info from my time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that you might find interesting! LOL!! But today isn’t about my PAST love life (that’ HISTORY!!), it’s ALL about …

Life’s Little Luxuries

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Hey everyone!! Today I wanted to chat a little bit about the importance of treating yourself … and by that, I don’t mean going out and buying a brand new wardrobe (although … I am ALWAYS up for a shopping spree) … I’m talking about treating yourself here and there with little luxuries that are inexpensive but that also make you …