Ask Jilly: Episode 1

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Ask Jilly - Episode 1

OMG YOU GUYS!! I’m soooo excited!! This is our very FIRST VLOG!! If you’re unsure what a vlog is, so are we!!! Just kidding. A vlog is a video blog. We’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now but never found the time to get around to it and we finally buckled down and got one filmed for …

My Bachelorette Recap: Expect the Unexpected

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Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

I can’t believe how quickly this season of The Bachelorette is going by … last week the home towns and then this week the guys met Rachel’s family and then the fantasy suites!! Gah!! She’s soooo close to choosing her husband!! I hope she remembered to shave her legs!! LOL!! But in all seriousness, this WHOLE time I thought for …

My Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Hotties

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Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Wow … last night’s four hometowns could NOT have been ANY DIFFERENT! Right?!?! Each one left me with a new appreciation for every single guy and honestly … left me a little heartbroken and confused!!! How about you?? Okay, before I get all emotional … let’s start off with a little recap on each of the guys and their hometowns!! …

Girls Weekend Diary

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Jillian Harris Girls Weekend Diary

Many of you know that I spent one ENTIRE week this month with two of my besties, Shannon and Karissa … and Karissa’s mini me, Hudson … who ended up hitting it off with the man of the house, Leo. Lol! Shannon and Karissa have been “my people” since I can remember. So many travels, adventures as kids, picnics in …

Little Leaders Series: Carter Puska

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Jillian Harris Little Leaders Carter Puska

I have a little something new for you and it’s something I want to do on a monthly basis going forward because I feel as though it’s important to shed some light on the little shining stars in our communities. It could be a combination of everything going on in this world, and me being a mom but lately, when …

My Summer Bucket List

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Happy Monday loves! I know Monday’s can be a bit of a drag sometimes but I find they’re a bit easier when you get yourself excited for upcoming things you have planned or are PLANNING to do this summer so I thought it would be fun to share my personal summer bucket list with you! This year I really want …

My Favourite Things About Canada

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Jillian Harris Why I love Canada-1

As most of you know or maybe get the idea by now … Canada Day is one of my FAVOURITE times of year. Not only because we get to celebrate the beautiful country that we live in … but also because my two childhood besties Karissa and Shannon are coming to stay with me for the ENTIRE week. I am …

Jillian and Justin: Premiering Tonight!

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Jillian Harris Jillian and Justin Docuseries

OMG you guys … I CAN’T believe that Jillian & Justin is FINALLY premiering TONIGHT!!! Our life has been documented for the last year now and it’s really hard to believe that we are really going to share so many candid moments with EVERYONE!! I have ALL the feels about this … from excitedness to nervousness to literally wanting to …

5 Ways to Step Up Your Photography Game

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Jillian Harris and Erin Sousa Photography Tips

Morning everyone! I get A LOT of questions on the daily about photography, what camera and lens to use, what settings should be used … how to edit my photos, etc. So I turned to photography guru (and staging extraordinaire), Erin Sousa (founder of Sparkle Media) to help me answer some of your questions so today she is sharing 5 …

10 Lessons I’ve Learned about Love

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Hello again!! If you caught my Instagram stories today you’ll know that yesterday was a VERY important day for our family because my cousin Sam and husband Dustin FINALLY had their baby GIRL and we are over the MOON!! Her name is Hayden, she came in at 6 pounds (exactly, might I add) and is so ridiculously CUTE!!! In addition …

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Jillian Harris Father's Day Gift Guide

Morning everyone! It’s Justin’s very first Father’s Day this year and I’m so excited for him because I know just how excited I was for my very first Mother’s Day (check out how I spent it here)!! It’s such a special day for us marking our first year together as parents!! It’s pretty crazy to think back to when Leo …