We added a heap of recipes to our old-fashioned ones that we’ve gathered through the years as well including the most amazing Vegan Queso, Cherry Scones, Veggie Bolognese and a moist Citrus Olive Oil Cake to name a few! Nearly all of the recipes have a vegan option, and we included as many gluten free and nut free variations too! After all, feeding a crowd with mixed dietary needs isn’t a small feat, right?

We organized the book according to the traditional categories (Breakfast, Appies, Dinner, Desserts, etc), but we also included Celebration Menus to help you entertain in effortless style. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas Dinner, we have you covered with a complete menu for each occasion along with some of our best entertaining tips.

And in the end, we couldn’t resist layering in some special stories of us growing up together to give you a peek into what life was like for us and a bit about our journey into becoming adults, never straying too far from each other of course.  

This cookbook is filled with over 100 plant-forward recipes including our favourite family dishes from our childhoods with a healthier twist... such as Granny’s Beet Rolls, Perogies and the best Chocolate Cake in history (thank you Mom!).

After 2 years of endless recipe testing, photo shoots, manuscript revisions and mountains of dishes, we are SO incredibly happy with how it turned out. Growing up as sisters - we are actually cousins, our moms are sisters - we spent much of our childhood in the kitchen and the garden. Now that we are adults with kids of our own, it was an incredible gift to have the opportunity to create our very own cookbook to share with you.

Our granny taught us that. Cooking your own food to enjoy is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and sitting down to eat with friends and family is the very best way to connect. In a world where life has gotten so busy, our goal is to help inspire you to take those extra few moments to create something healthy, delicious and simple that you can enjoy with those you love. 

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Food is love.

We are so honored to be able to share this labour of love and little piece of our family with you.  


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