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When it comes to dressing for the holidays I normally LOVE investing in a good pair of sweat pants, a comfy sweater, and some warm socks. Most of our time is spent either indoors hanging out, or outside in the snow by a fire. There’s never REALLY a reason to dress up when you’re in a “small town” compared to the city. The sense of style is even COMPLETELY different. Except for New Years … everyone seems to always go all out for New years, no matter where you are!!

This year, Justin and I have decided to spend Christmas in VANCOUVER!! I will be filling you in more about where we’re staying and what we’re doing later … but for now … let’s talk about clothes and what I’ll be wearing!! Since I’ll be in the city this year, I purchased this dress from Nordstrom. It’s a little bit fancy, but can be easily dressed up or down. AND … it’s perfect for New Years too!!! I searched online on the Nordstrom Holiday dressing guide and found so much inspiration!! I have linked some other favorites for you below. For those of you keeping it casual, make sure to also check out my dedicated shop page here as I have found some awesome comfy items for you too!!!

blog-jilly-in-nordstrom-dressclose-up-of-jill-in-nordstrom-dress detail-shot-of-collar-in-nordstrom-dress full-nordstrom-womens-wear-outfit jillys-bun-in-nordstrom-dressphoto credit: david strongman

Glasses | Dress | Heels (similar) | Watch | Lipstick

What do you like to wear over the holidays?? Let me know in the comment below …







Thank you, Nordstrom, for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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  • So cute! I bought a similar Peter Pan collar dress and I love it! It’s so flattering ☺️ I just posted a whole bunch of holiday looks on my blog too, hope I have enough events to wear them at! Haha

  • Jeannie McE  • 

    I’m cooking, so something I don’t care if it gets covered in turkey grease and gravy! Sad huh? Lol

  • You look amazing. You don’t have to show your breasts, your vagina when you sit down, or the crack of your buttocks with a low backed dress. You look classy, put together and a real woman.