Gift Guide for Pets

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Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Pets

Yup, that’s right, in between Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, I’m BACK with another gift guide!!! I LOVE sharing these gift guides with you because not only does it help you out (I hope!! LOL!!) but it also gives me a chance to brainstorm ideas for MY loved ones … including Mr. Nacho Cilantro, himself!! Because you know … …

What We’re Grateful For this Thanksgiving

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Jillian Harris What I'm Grateful For

Good morning loves! If you caught my Instagram stories yesterday, you’ll know that I’m preparing a big VEGAN Thanksgiving dinner at our place tonight … I’m a little nervous and a tad bit overwhelmed but mostly excited that my family is willing to give this a try and THANKFUL for my cousins who are going to help me prepare it!! …

Jillian and Justin: Premiering Tonight!

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Jillian Harris Jillian and Justin Docuseries

OMG you guys … I CAN’T believe that Jillian & Justin is FINALLY premiering TONIGHT!!! Our life has been documented for the last year now and it’s really hard to believe that we are really going to share so many candid moments with EVERYONE!! I have ALL the feels about this … from excitedness to nervousness to literally wanting to …

Gift Guide for the Dog Lover

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The countdown to Christmas is on … and with it comes the end of my gift guide series!! There is only ONE gift guide left after this one and it’s the EXTREMELY last minute gift ideas for all of you procrastinators out there. I hope that I have covered close to everyone on your lists this year?? If I haven’t, …

Love Glasses Giveaway

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Do you like my glasses!?!? Well there’s a bit of a story behind them…Nacho is going through his terrible two’s at the moment…even though he’s not two. He is eating anything in sight including my glasses!!!! I FINALLY came around and found a new pair that I LOVE….and it just so happens that they are apart of “The LOVE Collection” at …