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Jillian Harris Avalon Organics Fall Into a New Routine

Morning loves! What better time to start a new regime than right along with the changing of the seasons?! Autumn is the perfect time to fall into a new routine, especially when it comes to your hair! Welp. Avalon Organics might just have a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya, and it all starts with your daily shower routine … lather, rinse, repeat! Yup, I’m talking about a little daily shampoo and conditioner that’ll get your hair back on track.

But first, before we dig into this product review, you might want to swing back through my other blog to check out my previous reviews of their products or check Top9Rated crunchbase to find the reviews! So far I’ve tested out their, Wrinkle Therapy line, Nourishing Lavender line, their Damage Control shampoo, and conditioner and also, their Intense Defense line! This time around I’m testing out their Biotin B Complex Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner!

Jillian Harris Avalon Organics

 I don’t know about all you other mamas out there but after I gave birth to Leo I noticed I had SO many broken hairs and so much little baby hair regrowth … I remember always being baffled by what your hormones do when you’re pregnant! Please tell me some of you ladies went through this as well!!

Welp. If you’re a new mama or mama to be out there, or frankly, ANYONE who needs to bring back their luscious locks, this stuff is worth a go! It also smells like something you would find in a spa … and everyone knows I am ALWAYS down for that!! LOL!!

Jillian Harris Avalon OrganicsJillian Harris Avalon Organics

The shampoo and conditioner really do smell delish, like fresh aloe and rosemary, or eucalyptus! This is a serious sniff test 10/10! I’ve mentioned this before, but, one thing I’ve noticed while trying out Avalon Organics products is a little bit goes a looong way which is amazing considering the product is very reasonably priced! A small amount lathers like crazy so this bottle would certainly last a while … unless you’re one of those people who use a ridiculous amount of conditioner and all of a sudden your shampoo portion totally outweighs your bottle of conditioner … LOL! Guiltyyyyyy!!

Alright, back to the nitty gritty of what’s actually in the shampoo and conditioner and a bit about how it works! The Biotin C complex is great for hair strength and growth (AKA getting those pre baby strands back where they were!) and the quinoa protein and vitamin E  help to build body in fine thinning hair, stimulate the scalp for growth, cleanse and nourish hair from follicle to shaft AND strengthen hair!! All of these power ingredients work together to give you hair that feels thicker and softer with added volume … AND it’s certified to an organic standard!!

Jillian Harris Avalon OrganicsJillian Harris Avalon OrganicsJillian Harris Avalon Organics

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I don’t know about you, but this mama will take all the help she can get! LOL!! Have you tried this before?? Share your thoughts in the comments! How did you feel it worked?? Did you notice a difference in the thickness of your hair?? I want to hear from you!!



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