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Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

Today I’m sharing all of the details of our LIVING ROOM with you! If you missed last week’s tour of our kitchen and dining room check them out here! Our living room is one of our favourite spaces to wind down and cozy up in together. One of my favourite parts about this space would have to be our fireplace, it makes this space so warm and comforting … even Nacho has his favourite spot on the floor in front of the fireplace … you can find him here most mornings and at night just before bed! Our mantle is from Dreamcast, it comes in a variety of colours and shapes to choose from so it was difficult to choose but we ended up going with the French Country Mantel in Chalk Old World! Our fireplace is the Town and Country TC42 and it comes with a remote which comes in SO handy … I don’t even have to leave the kitchen while making dinner if I want the fireplace on, it’s perfect! LOL! We dealt with Marlo from Okanagan Home Centre and the customer service was AMAZING, they are a total dream to deal with … if I had any sort of issues with the fireplace or if I couldn’t figure out how to use the remote, they would literally drive to our house to help us out!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

Dress (similar)

Just above the mantel is where we currently have our Samsung 55″ Frame TV from Best Buy Canada, in these photos we didn’t have it installed quite yet so I had placed my mirror (from Anthropologie!) and artwork from Minted on the mantel in the meantime. However, now that we have the Frame TV set up, it STILL looks like a piece of art which I am obsessed with because if you didn’t know it was a TV you would honestly think it was a picture hanging on the wall! Ps. I’ve included a photo of the frame TV below so you can see what it looks like! Just ignore the Christmas decorations! LOL!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Best Buy Canada

I LOVE my Caitlin Wilson rug in this space, the colour and pattern are perfect for high traffic areas such as this one, it does SUCH a great job masking all of the wear and tear that’s happened here … such as Nacho’s muddy paws (and puke!), my wine stains and Leo’s spills … you name it … this rug is almost a year old and it STILL looks brand-spankin’ new! I’m also a huge fan of the two armchairs in our living room (and I get a lot of questions about these bad boys!) I got them from Pottery Barn and I feel like they add a lot of personality and really complete the space! Now … I wouldn’t necessarily say that they’re the COMFIEST chairs around but Justin ALWAYS falls asleep in them while we’re watching movies, personally, I prefer the couch!! Ps. The whitewash stump side tables are made by a local company called Style in Form and they can be purchased from The Cross!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

The built-ins in our living room were designed by Clarice from Home Image Interiors and built by Kelowna Innovative Cabinets, they were a simple design but Clarice added the arch detail which was really important to me as I love the look it gives the space! Our built-ins are painted “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore and our walls are “Cloud Cover”! I REALLY love my built-ins, I think they’re so great but if and when I design my next home I might end up just having two nice pieces of furniture with art on either side of the fireplace instead and the only reason for this is that I find lately I’m just buying fewer knick-knacks and I’m not switching them up as often as I used to!


Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

However, if you’re the type of person that loves knicknaks I would totally suggest built-ins as they help showcase your decor and I love the fact that I can store our throw blankets here for easy access when we get chilly and all of Leo’s toys and books are in the closed storage which is perfect for storing his toys and makes tidying up a breeze as we just toss everything in there and shut the doors … until Leo wants to play again, then he knows where to go to pull it all back out! LOL!!! The hardware on the cabinet doors are the Traditional Round Knobs with a polished nickel finish from Schaub.

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

Our sofas are from Country Furniture, they’re the Coverall Sofa in the Hester Hemp fabric and they’re VEGAN down which I’m head over heels for!! The best part about these sofas is the fact that they’re slipcovered … those slipcovers go through a TON of abuse … between Leo and Nacho, these slipcovers have seen it all and if we didn’t have them these sofas would have already been totally destroyed!! Also, for those of you who may ask, our coffee table is from Restoration Hardware and unfortunately it’s not available for purchase anymore. The wood beams were made by Carson from Urban Roots Furniture, the flooring is “Cinder” from PurParket, and the lighting is from Sylvania!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

photo credit

You’ll notice to the left of the living room we have a big wall of accordion doors, we don’t have any photos of these open yet as we shot this space in the winter but we will make sure to snag some to share with you soon now that the weather has warmed up! These accordion doors are from PlyGem and they let a tremendous amount of light in, they make this space look so much bigger than it is which I think is great but we only use them about 4-6 times a year so I’m not entirely sure if they’re worth the cost … and if I had respected our budget I would have just gone with french doors here instead … that way you can also add screens as well … and of course, it’s less moola! LOL! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these but I’m just laying out the different options! We had some beautiful heavy white drapes made for these accordion doors by Q Design Centre and they tie the space together beautifully.

One of my most recent purchases for this space was my MASSIVE mirror from Anthropologie, I’ve included a photo of it below … again, don’t mind the Christmas decorating! LOL!! It’s so stunning … it was one of those things that I saw and knew I had to have … it’s ridiculously expensive considering we actually had to get a broker to get it to us as they don’t ship directly to Canada then I had to pay taxes and duties on top of the price … GULP! However, I will have it for MANY MANY years and nobody better touch or break it … or else!! LOL!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Living Room













Justin and I are so excited to work with all of the above-mentioned companies throughout our renovation and we’re so grateful for partnering with some of them on this huge project of ours!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!



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  • Where did you move the smaller anthro mirror after taking it off the mantel?

  • Hi Jillian,

    What are the dimensions of your living room? I’m curious about the size as I’m building right now!

  • OMG absolutely stunning! You have the best taste! I just luv everything😂I live in Australia and we just don’t have the selection like the USA has and when you do find something similar it’s double the price. Can I just add follow you on insta and you seem the most down to earth beautiful soul! Thankyou I so enjoy your decorating xx❤️

  • Laura Leigh  • 

    The space looks incredible! I love the chairs + rug combination. They’re perfect together.

    xo Laura Leigh

  • How high are your ceilings in the house? we are in process of planning and would love to know! thanks!

  • I love your home! We are building next year and I’m working on plans now. Thanks for giving me inspiration! <3

  • Brenda Cremer  • 

    Ooh I can see why you wanted the mirror lovely! My family room is the same with the fireplace in the middle and the shelving on the sides and I too have arches on the tops of my shelving, it does add to it very nicely. The storage below is heavenly, I have lots of blankets hidden in mine. I have my family photos displayed on one side of the fireplace, the other side is a wet bar. Love your decorating Jill.

  • Noreen Bateman  • 

    OMG had no idea this was here! I love it. So looking forward to your new show, too. The pictures are the best, & will motivate me to finish our L.R. Jill where do you suggest I look for baskets[similar to ones on the shelf]? Love everything about this. Thank you, Noreen. xo

  • I love the table lamp. The base on the one from the Cross looks different. From your picture it looks like mango wood and the one from cross is gold looking? Can you confirm if it’s the same lamp as the cross.
    Thank you

  • IM sorry if this was mentioned but who takes your pictures!? I love how bright everything is. What kind of camera do they use?! Thank you!