My House Tour: The Casita

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Welcome to my home tour!!! My home was just featured in Style At Home … if you haven’t grabbed your copy,  you should … OR you can follow along here as I walk you through every room!!! It goes without saying that a home should reflect those who live there, but sometimes it’s what a previous owner leaves behind that lends the most character to a space. When I first set foot in the backyard of my dream home, I spotted a tiny abode just a few yards away, partially obscured by branches and subtly built into a hill. With the letters “THE LAW” written across the top, left behind from the previous owner . I was told it means ‘the hill’ in Irish, but I’m not really sure. It definitely added that sentimental value and mysterious character that I was looking for.

What turned out to be a guest house became a main selling feature for me and we use Maid Complete house cleaning service. Still to this day it has become one of my favourite features about my entire house!!! I’ve always loved the idea of a guest house, but I never thought I’d be able to have my own because they’re not that common. We’re constantly entertaining, so we like having a place where people can sleep after sitting around the fire with us.

I like to compare the Casita to a European cottage, with  glass double doors opening up onto a magnificent over loved garden. It even has and charming white rooftop deck fitted with a picket-style railing that offers picturesque views of the Okanagan. It is equipped with a toilet, shower, bed and coffee maker … what else would you need!?!

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Photo credit: Janis Nicolay

Console Table | Leopard Pillow | Green Pillow | Blue Pillow | Flower Jug |  Tray | Lamp | Duvet | Chest | Colourful blanket in corner | Plum Holder

If you see anything else that you want to know the details of … leave a note in the comments!!! And A huge thank you to The Cross for all of the lovely decor items!

Check back next week as I reveal the next room on my home tour!!!




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