The Evolution Of My Bedroom

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If you’re anything like me, then you like to make minor tweaks and changes to your home decor on a regular basis. Whether it be minor decor items, new sheets, a new coat of paint, or heck, redoing your entire room … anything little or big brings you so much joy. There’s just something about completely freshening up your space so you can fall that much more in love with it all over again. After my latest bedroom renovation, I laughed to myself and wanted to share with you the evolution of my bedroom. Within the past 3 years it has changed minorly and majorly … to a space that I didn’t think I could be so in love with!!!

As you can see below, from top to bottom my bedroom has slowly transformed from dark shades of navy to light blue and now, all the way to all white. I started by adjusting small items like pillows and decor items and gradually worked my way up to headboards and paint. Whatever I could afford at the time I changed and looking back on it now, I can’t believe what a transformation it has been …

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photo credit: Janis Nicolay

in my new bedroom

1. Throw Blanket | 2. Chandelier | 3. Headboard | 4. Pouf | 5. Candle | 6. Perfume | 7. Lamp | 8. Sheets | 9. Pom pom Pillow | 10. Large White Pillow | 11. Tray | 12. Night Stand | 13. Landeau Flowers | 14. Bedding

Which bedroom did you like the best!?!?



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  • Kristin L  • 

    I always look forward to your home decor posts! You have a timeless style. Thanks for sharing!

  • Catherine Donovan  • 

    Where did you get the glass jar that holds your matches?

  • What is your current bedroom paint color?

  • Shyanne Buchanan  • 

    Love love love that chandelier .. Beautiful light colors .. Beautifully done ❤️

  • Shyanne Buchanan  • 

    …. I’m in love with that white head board .. Stunning

  • Sarah Davy  • 

    What’s the newest paint colour you used Jillian?

  • justine thompson  • 

    Love the all white. How come no rug though? I’m redoing my bedroom and trying to decide between a rug on each side of the bed or one big one.

  • Crystal Richard  • 

    Definitely love the white! SO amazing!!!

  • In bed with Jillian – Love it! x

  • Yes! Where is the glass jar for your matches from? I have been looking everywhere for something like that.

  • Leslie Calandra  • 

    Would love to know what paint you used for the current bedroom! Love it

  • Emilie Clarke  • 

    Heavenly! I’m slowing turning my bedroom into white! Still come beige in there. lol

  • Melissa Bouchard  • 

    what a beautiful room!! Hey Jillian me and my 3 bff’s are headed to vancouver tomorrow for a girls weekend, just wondering where you recommend we go for some wine with a view?? Thanks

  • All three look so lovely! I kind of like to change things (pillows, throws) up with the season.

  • Isabelle  • 

    All three looks are nice, but my favorite is the second one (before you went all white). There’s just something about the second look that is warm and welcoming. The current look is nice don’t get me wrong, but seems to be missing something…

  • Valentina Morasky  • 

    You are incredibly talented.

  • Dustin Avery MacDonald  • 

    Love it!! I agree, changing up the decor in a room really brings you to love your spaces and substantial pieces of furniture again!

  • Hey Jillian. What is the paint colour on walls before you went white?

  • Renee Lanfear Fitzgerald  • 

    I love the light greige paint, what color is it and the trim???

  • I have a very similar color on my walls in my bedroom and we love it. I do not tire of it. I love the bedroom and I also love the one before that with the soft blue. Your nightstands don’t look white by my computer anyhow and I am curious as to what color they actually are. An off white perhaps or is that just the computer? I have a high headboard, dark wood but do not want matching nightstands so I am trying to decide on either a soft white or off white, or mirrored. I had looked at PB for some.
    Love what you’ve done with your bedroom/home.

    • Drew Coverson  • 

      I would really love to know what color on your walls is similar to Jillian’s. Can’t seem to find the answer to the question of what color is on her wall . Would you please share your color?

  • Christina  • 

    Both bedrooms are beautiful. However, the white everything is so fresh and beautiful – so I adore the white.

  • I love your use of flowers.

  • Love love love the white! I have to ask…. how do you keep in clean?? I have a dog who always sleeps with us and from your snaps, I can see Nacho sleeps with you often…so. What is your secret to keeping it crisp white?

  • I’m dying to know where you found those grey night stands? They may be extinct by now but they’re exactly what I just started looking for but have yet to find – can you tell me where they’re from? Thx!

  • I’m looking for an apolstered head board and frame and wonder what you think the quality of furniture from crate and barrel is like?

  • I love the white! So tranquil and dreamy, just what a bedroom should be.

  • Shannoon  • 

    I am looking for some romantic decorative text pillows for the bed. Something that represents our love. Where should I look for these in Vancouver or online shopping in Canada? “Im hers” “Im his” or something along those lines. ideas?

  • Genevieve Duguay  • 

    Hi Jillian, love the changes you’ve made in your bedroom (all in all i just love your Website:)!), the white makes it very soft and cozy, just pretty:)!! I actually wanted to purchase 2 lamps (no. 7) on your night stand and the company doesn’t ship to Canada:( (you have to go through another company and it’s more $$$ on top of their US shipping cost). I was wondering if you had any other suggestions for the same type of lamp??

  • Meghan Boyczuk  • 

    What are these paint colors? The two whites? Love them!

  • Love the bedroom. I like the crisp look of white and you have made your room look great!

  • This is a perfect blog. You laid this out so beautifully – helpful, inspiring and so beautiful! Thank you!

    One question: where did you get your shutters?

    thanks again!

  • Karen Franklin  • 

    I love the entire room, very relaxing. Where did you purchase your large shutters for the windows? I’ve looked at several different name brands and it’s hard to tell the quality. Thanks so much.

  • Jessica  • 

    What is the paint color that was used for the bedroom that is almost completely white

  • Hello!

    Wondering what the paint color of the latest bedroom is (white one).


  • Love the single shutter in the windows!! Can I ask who is the manufacturer? Thank you!